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Explore unconventional organic materials such as potatoes and other plant matter as printmaking tools, as well as traditional rubber, linoleum, and foam plates. Learn how to work with organic and found natural surfaces and cut printing blocks to create nature-inspired designs for water-based prints.

+2760 pts
W.   Oct 15th - Nov 12th, 6pm
All levels

This course provides a broad introduction to 3 basic printmaking processes. Learn about intaglio techniques by creating a drypoint and etching, create unique prints with monoprint and carve blocks for relief printing. Important techniques used in all printmaking processes, such as paper tearing, ink modification, chine colle, registration, and pri

+3500 pts
W.   Sep 17th - Oct 15th, 6pm

This hands-on workshop explores the latest developments in fine-art digital printmaking. By combining digital techniques with traditional aesthetics, students learn how to properly optimize their images for high-quality inkjet output of all sizes. Do your prints truly express your artistic vision? Let two of the nation's most respected digital prin

+9000 pts
T.W.Th.F.   Aug 12th - Aug 15th, 10am
All levels

Explore the rich and incredibly diverse possibilities of intaglio printing. This course aims to provide students with a strong command of essential intaglio techniques as well as an overview of historical and contemporary approaches to the medium. We will work through five fundamental intaglio processes: hard and soft ground etching, aquatint,

+3950 pts
T.   Aug 12th - Sep 16th, 6pm
All levels

This workshop combines the directness and immediacy of the monotype with the richness and luminosity of encaustic painting. This versatile process eliminates the multiple steps of encaustic painting, and the toxicity of inks and solvents of traditional printmaking on a press. Drawing with pigmented wax, students will create one-of-a-kind prints by

+3300 pts
Sa.   Aug 2nd - Aug 9th, 10am
All levels

After this workshop, your thank you cards and letters will never be the same. In three glorious hours, you'll be able to:Design, carve, and edition your own personalized letterheads using hand-made stampsLearn new mark-making techniques, including stenciling, to make unique stationery pieces on heavyweight paperExchange and collaborate with fe

+700 pts
Th.   Jul 31st, 6:30pm
All levels

Learn how to do a photopolymer etching - the safest and quickest method for creating photographic imagery in etching. Also known as solar plate etching, this is an easy and innovative way to create intaglio and photo etchings without the use of acid and other harmful chemicals. Hand-drawn, photo-based, or digital images are exposed onto light-sens

+3950 pts
Th.   Sep 25th - Oct 30th, 6pm
All levels

Learn the elegant printing of the 15th century letterpress. You will hand set real metal type, understand the origins of our alphabet, learn press lock-up, & printing, as you run your own small edition on their vintage Vandercook Uni III. Do it yourself as you make your own personalized stationery. A great introduction to printing beautif

+1100 pts
Sa.   Aug 9th, 10am

Students will learn to use both our foot-operated treadle platen press and our tabletop presses safely in this comprehensive two-day workshop. Printing business cards and invitations is faster and more efficient on a platen press. Set lead type by hand, learn to fit it into a chase, and letterpress print editions of your own design. This class will

+3250 pts
Sa.Su.   Aug 2nd - Aug 3rd, 10am
All levels

In this six hour letterpress workshop for beginners you will learn to print on the Vandercook proof press and the Chandler & Price Pilot Press.Once participants have completed this class they will be qualified to book time for their own projects on the presses in The Arm's public access letterpress studio. Participants will print a variety of i

+1500 pts
Su.   Aug 10th, 11am
Sunday August 10 11am - 5pm 1 Session $150
Sunday August 17 11am - 5pm 1 Session $150
Sunday August 24 11am - 5pm 1 Session $150
Other Dates (3)

You will learn to operate the Center's motorized guillotine paper cutter, which makes it easy to cut large stacks of paper and to trim the edges of books. You will also learn how to care for our Vandercook proof presses. Get trained to use both the guillotine and the printshop in one three hour workshop. You will learn to operate the Center's motor

+950 pts
Sa.   Aug 9th, 5pm
All levels
Saturday August 9 5pm - 8pm 1 Session $95
Friday September 12 5pm - 8pm 1 Session $95
Other Dates (2)

Collograph is an additive plate-making process that has more in common with sculpture than intaglio. It has a creative freedom not found in any other printmaking media. If you are a mixed media artist looking for a new approach to your work, this is the process for you. It is free from acids and grounds, instead relying on acrylicmedia , fabrics

+2250 pts
Sa.Su.   Aug 16th - Aug 17th, 10:30am
All levels

Non-toxic Etching explores innovations in safer etching processes. This four week course will demonstrate plate preparation, application of hard and soft grounds, aquatints, and proper printing technique. This class is for anyone who has avoided printmaking because of a sensitivity to solvents or for those printmakers who want to explore new

+3450 pts
T.   Aug 12th - Sep 2nd, 6:30pm
All levels

This workshop is ideal for artists who love to draw and paint. Monoprints incorporate draftsmanship and direct painting with printmaking. This workshop approaches monoprinting in a unique way; draw and paint in color with rollers, brushes, palette knives and explore how to use found materials creating textures that enhance the atmosphere and mood o

+2250 pts
Sa.Su.   Aug 9th - Aug 10th, 10:30am
All levels

Take your etchings to the next level! This class will cover the basics of paper preperation, registration, transfering images from plate to plate, and color mixing. You will create beautiful, complex prints in layered tones. Ideal for artists with ethcing experience.Price includes all supplies and 12 hours of free studio time

+4850 pts
W.   Aug 27th - Oct 1st, 6:30pm
All levels

Students attending this class will learn the unique and rare alternative photo process which is chemigrams. Chemigrams quickly and easily yield results that are as singular as they are spectacular even for the beginner. More related in method and approach to painting and printmaking than to photography, Chemigrams use no camera or darkroom.We'll be

+2300 pts
Su.   Aug 3rd - Aug 24th, 5pm
All levels

Learn the ancient technique of block printing and go home with a whole new skill to continue exploring on your own! In this class we will learn how to carve and print by hand from rubber and linoleum blocks, following the traditional form of printmaking. Come prepared to learn, explore, and have fun with the endless possibilities of printmaking. Br

+750 pts
W.   Dec 3rd, 6:30pm
All levels

Learn how to create beautiful lithographs without ever grinding a stone! The polyester surface of a Pronto or Smart plate mimics the surface of a lithographic stone. You can either draw on either side of the plate using cheap Bic or Papermate ballpoint pens, sharpies and paint pens. Or you can just run the plate through a laser printer! The transp

+3950 pts
Sa.Su.   Aug 23rd - Aug 31st, 10:30am
All levels

Learn to draw on rocks and print from them! This class is an introduction to the art of stone lithography. Beginning with the basics, you will be guided step-by-step through the process of creating a lithograph. You will learn how to prepare your stone, how to manipulate various drawing materials to create imagery, how to prepare your paper with pr

+3750 pts
Sa.Su.   Sep 6th - Sep 14th, 10:30am
All levels

This course will introduce you to various methods of creating woodcut and linocut prints. This direct and versatile process is one of the oldest methods of printing. Learn how to prepare wood and linoleum blocks, carve images by hand, apply ink with rollers, and print by hand and on a press using oil based inks. Also covered will be methods for cre

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