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Focus on problem solving and experimental approaches to printmaking. Create images inspired from any medium, including sewing, welding, casting, painting, or sculpture. Learn to shape plates and print on unconventional materials (foil, plastic, and textile), and venture into large-scale format and printing without the press. No previous printmaking

M.T.W.   Nov 3rd - Jan 14th, 9:30am
All levels

Find the freedom of expression through printmaking. Develop individual projects in mediums including etching copper and zinc, color viscosity roller technique, and monotype. The goal is to bring together technique and expression into works that capture the essence of printmaking. The instructor will be present on Thursdays and Fridays.Photo courtes

M.T.W.   Nov 3rd - Jan 14th, 1pm
All levels

Enhance your sense of wonder through printmaking. Create projects in mixed media and printmaking in a supportive environment of self-expression. Use inventive problem solving to cultivate a stunning outcome and celebrate your individual artistic qualities. Learn to create exhibits and develop your bravery in the experience of art making.Photo court

Th.   Nov 6th - Jan 15th, 7pm
All levels

Explore unconventional organic materials such as potatoes and other plant matter as printmaking tools, as well as traditional rubber, linoleum, and foam plates. Learn how to work with organic and found natural surfaces and cut printing blocks to create nature-inspired designs for water-based prints.

W.   Oct 15th - Nov 12th, 6pm
All levels

This course provides a broad introduction to 3 basic printmaking processes. Learn about intaglio techniques by creating a drypoint and etching, create unique prints with monoprint and carve blocks for relief printing. Important techniques used in all printmaking processes, such as paper tearing, ink modification, chine colle, registration, and pri

W.   Sep 17th - Oct 15th, 6pm

Get an introduction to the basics of printmaking through exploring five distinct processes: monotype, linoleum-relief printing, collagraphy, paper lithography (or xerox transfer), and drypoint. Each three-week section focuses on acquiring a basic understanding of each printmaking technique and exploring the specific creative potential inherent to e

Th.F.   Nov 6th - Jan 16th, 1pm
All levels

Students attending this class will learn all stages of the linocut process: image transfer, carving, inking, registration and printing. Relief printing is the oldest form of printmaking, and the modern material of linoleum makes it incredibly easy to practice this ancient art, effortlessly yielding elegant, fluid lines. Ever popular for their direc

Su.   Nov 9th - Dec 14th, 5pm
All levels

Students attending this class will discover numerous image making methods that can all be recreated in your home studio or apartment to yield a great variety of effects/results. Ideal for those without access to a press or printmaking facility, this workshop takes a mixed-media approach to monotype the most immediate of all the printmaking processe

Sa.Su.   Oct 5th - Nov 1st, 5pm
All levels

Students attending this class will learn the basic principles of this classic artistic process. In this class, students will create monotypes which are painterly prints that offer freedom and spontaneity unmatched by any other artistic process. Students will explore basic approaches, materials, and techniques without the use of acid, including dry

T.   Sep 30th, 12pm
Tuesday September 30 12pm - 3pm 1 Session $25
Tuesday October 14 12pm - 3pm 10 Sessions $460
Other Dates (2)

This workshop combines the directness and immediacy of the monotype with the richness and luminosity of encaustic painting. This versatile process eliminates the multiple steps of encaustic painting, and the toxicity of inks and solvents of traditional printmaking on a press. Drawing with pigmented wax, students will create one-of-a-kind prints by

M.T.   Oct 20th - Oct 21st, 10am
All levels

You know your way around Photoshop and Lightroom. But are you producing prints that faithfully communicate your vision? Are you looking for a wider range of materials on which to print? In this hands-on workshop, advanced students experience the benefits of matching print media to image content. Using large-format Epson printers, students have the

Sa.Su.   Dec 13th - Dec 14th, 10am

Mezzotint is a subtractive process known for its rich black and subtle gradient of tone. With only three tools, mezzotints can be done at home with no toxic chemicals.

W.   Oct 8th - Nov 12th, 6:30pm
All levels

Intro to Etchingwill bring this 500-year-old process to life. The class focuses on creating intaglio prints from copper plates. It covers basic techniques including: dry point, hardground line etching, plate preparation, and printing. Etching is a diverse process, offering an artist a unique set of tools and marks with which to experiment and commu

T.   Oct 28th - Nov 18th, 6:30pm
All levels

Make your prints shine! In this class Ms. Golici will introduce students to thevarious results that can be achieved when foil is combined with digitaland traditional printmaking techniques. Learn how to build upyour images by using masks, templates and layers to developcomplex images with foil. Students are encouraged to bring drawings and photogra

Sa.   Nov 8th - Nov 15th, 10:30am
All levels

Learn how to do a photopolymer etching - the safest and quickest method for creating photographic imagery in etching. Also known as solar plate etching, this is an easy and innovative way to create intaglio and photo etchings without the use of acid and other harmful chemicals. Hand-drawn, photo-based, or digital images are exposed onto light-sens

Th.   Sep 25th - Oct 30th, 6pm
All levels

Kids and parents learn printmaking together at this series of three Brooklyn Arts Council-funded workshops at Shoestring Press. Families are encouraged to sign up for the whole series of three, or just drop in for one class at a time. Sessions are two hours long and run from 1pm to 3pm on each Sunday date. Sunday, September 28, Bookbindin

Su.   Sep 28th - Oct 12th, 1pm
Sunday September 28 1pm - 3pm 3 Sessions $45
Sunday September 28 1pm - 3pm 1 Session $15
Sunday October 5 1pm - 3pm 1 Session $15
Sunday October 12 1pm - 3pm 1 Session $15
Other Dates (4)
T.   Sep 30th - Nov 4th, 7pm
All levels
Tuesday September 30 7pm - 9:30pm 6 Sessions $265
Tuesday November 11 7pm - 9:30pm 6 Sessions $265
Other Dates (2)

Learn how to use ordinary fine art paper and simple chemical mixtures to create beautiful, unique, handmade photographic prints using two printmaking processes from the mid 1800s, the Cyanotype and the Van Dyke Brown print. The workshop will cover how to turn your digital files into photographic negatives in Photoshop. Then, we will concentrate o

Sa.   Sep 27th, 10am

Learn how to successfully work with water based inks, about the intricacies of working with multi-layer designs, tips n' tricks to precise registrations, and how to print large formats with time in class to work on your own poster. Our poster printing class provides in depth instruction for printing specifically on paper.Note: All screen printing s

W.   Sep 17th - Oct 1st, 7pm

This intensive workshop will de-mystify the world of adhesives and methods for using them. The class will begin with demonstrations on how to use various pressure, heat, and wet adhesives. Each adhesive has its own unique characteristic that lends itself to certain methods and materials. We will explore these characteristics in some printing demons

M.   Oct 6th - Oct 27th, 6pm
All levels
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