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Students explore different relief printmaking techniques such as linoleum cut, wood cut, and collagraph to create small editions of their work. With artist Marianne Sadowski. Adult studio art classes are offered during the week and on weekends. They include lively discussion sessions in the galleries and studio time to complete drawing and painting

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Sa.   Nov 1st - Dec 6th, 1pm
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More than any other printmaking procedure, monotype uses the techniques of painting: translating strokes, gradients, textures, and collage elements to a single image on paper. This medium has always been about experimental layering and is an exhilarating way to enter the world of printmaking. Each student will create a number of different manners o


Mono printing with watercolor or oil, lino cut, wood cut, engraving, dry point, collagraph, mezzotint and collograph. Non-acid printmaking workshop. Bring paper, pencil, drawing pad, apron and gloves to first class.


Discover the excitement of printmaking! Explore monoprints, linocuts, woodcuts, etching and collographs in any combination. Try new techniques using a first-class press. Bring pencil,drawing pad, apron and disposable gloves to first class.


Whether you are a novice or expert printer join other like-minded folks for our printmaking sessions that offer space, basic supplies, and casual instruction. Materials for various relief printing processes, collograph, and monotype are on hand. Small etching presses and letterpresses are also available for use. Note: If you are a current CAFAM mem


Come make holiday cards and journals for family and friends. Create unique sets of cards and gifts with your own personal design! For Hanukkah, Christmas and New Year's celebrations.


Learn to have a personal relationship with your materials so that when you push the button on your digital camera you have a pre-visualized notion of what the final image will ultimately look like up to and including what paper you will be printing on. More than just a technical class on photoshop and lightroom, this course will emphasize the digit


From the needle of Albrecht Durer to the ironic lines of Jasper Johns, intaglio is a very transformative method of transferring drawings to paper. This class covers the traditional methods of copper-plate etching. Each student will create both drypoint and hard ground etched prints.Our workshops are designed as both professionally intensive and com


Students will create 5.5" x 7.5" prints starting with single color, single plate impressions and gradually moving on to incorporate multiple colors and various press passes. Monotype is the only printmaking process intended for creating one unique, unrepeatable impression. Throughout art history, this medium has been used as an alternative means of


In this introductory workshop, participants will create various one-of-a-kind monotype prints (up to 11”x15” in size) starting with single color, single plate impressions and gradually moving on to incorporate multiple colors and various press passes.  Historically referred to as “the painterly print,” monotype is the only printmaking


From the original printing press to the boldness of the German Expressionists, relief printing has been a powerfully direct method of stating visual ideas. Perhaps the earthiest and most sculptural of all of the printmaking processes, students will create both wood and linoleum block cuts on Western and Eastern papers.Our workshops are designed as


Multi-color relief printing is both an expansion on "Relief Printing - An Introduction" and its own starting point. The feeling of continuously planning and executing creates a very different and imagination-challenging workflow. Students will use both single block and multiple blocks sequences to achieve opaque and translucent color layers.Our wor


In this class, students will sequentially etch a simple drawing on a small copper plate. This allows us to create different quality of line and value, in order to learn the potential of this truly sculptural method of mark-making. Hardground etching is a form of intaglio printmaking. Traditionally, it involves the use of acid to burn lines and text


Explore the possibilities of block printing, monotype, and collograph printing with acrylics. Students will work with acrylic paints and mediums to make prints onto papers and panels. Learn how to build up an image with a series of glazes and block prints, discover how to prepare an image with open acrylics to create monoprints, and see how unique


This workshop covers the basic techniques of Western paper-making using household items. Participants will be taught about the history of paper, the types of paper suitable for different purposes, and how to pull their own sheets. Paper making allows you to control the body of your artwork, which is the material where your images and ideas reside.

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