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Printmaking Classes Coming up in Los Angeles

Discover the excitement of printmaking!

+2200 pts
Sa.   Apr 19th - Jun 21st, 9am
All levels

Learn to have a personal relationship with your materials so that when you push the button on your digital camera you have a pre-visualized notion of what the final image will ultimately look like up to and including what paper you will be printing on.

+5200 pts
M.W.   Jun 2nd - Jun 18th, 7pm
All levels

Students explore different relief printmaking techniques such as linoleum cut, wood cut, and collagraph to create small editions of their work. With artist Marianne Sadowski.

+2100 pts
Sa.   Nov 1st - Dec 6th, 1pm
All levels

More than any other printmaking procedure, monotype uses the techniques of painting: translating strokes, gradients, textures, and collage elements to a single image on paper.


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From the needle of Albrecht Durer to the ironic lines of Jasper Johns, intaglio is a very transformative method of transferring drawings to paper.


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From the original printing press to the boldness of the German Expressionists, relief printing has been a powerfully direct method of stating visual ideas.


Multi-color relief printing is both an expansion on "Relief Printing - An Introduction" and its own starting point.


Mono printing with watercolor or oil, lino cut, wood cut, engraving, dry point, collagraph, mezzotint and collograph.


In this introductory workshop, participants will create various one-of-a-kind monotype prints (up to 11”x15” in size) starting with single color, single plate impressions and gradually moving on to incorporate multiple colors and various press passes. 


The essence of printmaking is the difference between a plate and a print. Students will learn techniques of printmaking, starting with monotypes and dry-point and moving to more complicated techniques of etching, aquatint and color viscosity roller techniques.

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