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Sure there's a bountiful harvest at the farmers market this time of year, but how do you make it last? We'll take you through the basics of preserving produce through the long (hopefully not as cold as last year) winter. You'll even get to take the fruits of your labor home with you!

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T.   Sep 30th, 7pm

Canning and preserving used to be something only your grandmother did, but now it’s one of the hottest culinary trends around. Pickles and fermented products such as preserved lemons and sauerkraut don’t just taste great, they’re good for you -- and they make fantastic homemade gifts that are ideal for the holiday season. Join Michaela Hayes,

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T.   Nov 11th, 6pm
All levels

The bounty of fall brings more to the table than potatoes. Greens, grapes, squash and shelling beans are all at their best during this time. Join us as we celebrate all that the Greenmarket has to offer. We'll prepare a variety of salads such as green, potato, bean and grain salads with both classic and innovative flavor combinations. Students will

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W.   Sep 24th, 11am
All levels
Wednesday September 24 11am - 1pm 1 Session $115
Wednesday October 1 11am - 1pm 1 Session $115
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Learn how to prepare flavorful, healthful, and simple Korean vegetable dishes. In this Meatless Mondays offering, you will create:Steamed shishito peppers with sesame seasoningAsparagus "pizza" (grated potato as pizza dough)Rolled omeletSweet daikon radish picklesSeasoned rice balls wrapped in nori and sesame seedsShaved ice with homemade swee

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M.   Nov 3rd, 7pm
All levels

Infuse your holiday meals with both meaning and flavor as we explore the traditional foods of the New Year. Inspired by the simanim (symbols) found on your Rosh Hashanah table, we will focus on a bold and delicious new menu.Recipes to include:Pomegranate Glazed Chicken with Port Reduction SauceBraised Brisket with Dates and SilanGingered Carrot Sou

+800 pts
Su.   Sep 7th, 10am
All levels

Create a variety of tasty tacos that overflow with succulent fillings and garnishes.There is a taco taste sensation for everyone!Prepare grilled potato-manchego tacos with pickled jalapenosSoft fish tacos with chipotle salsa and cotija cheeseKorean wild mushroom tacos with kimchi and crispy rice noodlesBarleyCornSalmon collard tacosCrunchy tacos wi

+950 pts
W.   Oct 1st, 7pm
All levels

Students will have the knowledge to make their own canned goods as they explore the ancient art of food preserving with this introductory class to home canning. We will de-mystify the entire process, from prepping fresh fruits and vegetables for canning, through simple jar sterilization, and the final step of water-bath processing.We will also high

+370 pts
F.   Oct 3rd, 6pm

Students attending this class will shake a festive cocktail and prepare a selection of delicious hors d'œuvres. Your party menu consists of:Ssparkling pomegranate punchDuo of bruschetta butternut squash and ricotta crostiniWild mushroom sriracha spiced deviled eggsThree cheese mini macsSmoked trout and pickled onion toastsHoney peppered pecansGuac

+950 pts
Th.   Nov 13th, 7pm
All levels

Explore the exciting variety of tastes and textures of Korean home cooking with Seoul native Shin Kim. You'll learn how signature dishes such as bibimbap and crispy, savory pancakes make it easy to incorporate an abundance of vegetables into a meal. You'll also create layers of deep flavors with sauces and seasonings, learn to use soy sauce beyond

+1100 pts
W.   Oct 29th, 6:30pm
All levels

In this class you will learn the mechanics of lacto-fermentation using fresh ingredients from our local farmers market. Join us as we delve into the world of pickle-making. You will make some pickles together to take with you along with instructions to make more at home.


Whether sidled up to a quarter-pounder, paired with your favorite cheese, or straight from the barrel on Coney Island, pickles are a food we all love. Come sample some of our favorites from near and far while learning the difference between a half sour and a gherkin. You’ll even learn what gives a cured cuke its crunch.


Create your own shrub-a classic mix of fruit, sugar, and vinegar used to make delicious cocktails and sodas-and then learn how to preserve it by canning. Expand your ideas on what pickling can be, learn to minimize waste, and increase your nutritional intake as you prepare shelf-stable goodies that allow you to eat (and drink!) locally year-round.


We will learn the history of this tasty pickled treat and learn both the traditional and modern methods of preparation. In this afternoon workshop, Sohui Kim from Red Hook’s Good Fork gives us a simple introduction in making Korean kimchee. After we work our way through the entire kimchee making process- salting and draining the cabbage, making


Kimchi, the national food of Korea, is packed with nutritious probiotics and super fun to make. In this class we will discuss the basics of lacto-fermentation, why we do it, and how it works. Get hands on and learn how to make your own kimchi to ferment at home.


Whether your bumper crop comes to you from a CSA share, the farmers’ market, your own garden or anywhere else, now you can revel in the taste of summer all year long. Here’s your chance to work with canning expert, Michaela Hayes, owner of Crock & Jar. You’ll learn how to safely can and preserve fresh produce, make pickled vegetables, chu


An evening focused on collaboration and community: we’ll build a cheese plate and provide wine, bring in artisan food producers, local musicians, and food art. An interactive educational experience not to be missed. Tasting includes 3 cheeses, 1 glass of wine, and pairings with local producers of jams, pickles, and chocolates.Featuring Food Prod


BCS has to represent its original ‘hood. Come taste some of the best stuff coming out of Kings County with us. Jams, pickles, cheese, and even some of the best chocolate that side of the East River - you can find anything in the BK.

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