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Learn to make wonderful, color-accurate prints from your favorite inkjet printer. Learn to make contact sheets, package prints (like our old-school photos with a 5x7 and a bunch of wallet-size prints on the same page). triptychs, greeting cards & more directly from within Lightroom without having to use another application. Also learn how to make your own custom photo

+990 pts
Su.   Apr 27th, 1pm
All levels

Learn to make a beautiful web gallery of your images for your own website using Lightroom’s Web Gallery module; NHTML & Flash galleries quickly and easily from Lightroom’s templates. No coding or programming needed! Learn how to make videos or PDF slideshows of photos. Synchronize the slideshow with a music track from your iTunes library and then output it to vide

+990 pts
Su.   May 4th, 1pm
All levels

This class is a hand on, step by step printing course, designed for beginners to intermediate students. This course will enable anyone to produces great quality looking digital photos, from any digital files.

+4250 pts
W.   Jul 9th - Aug 6th, 7pm
All levels
Wednesday July 9 7pm - 9pm 5 Sessions $425
Friday July 11 10am - 12pm 5 Sessions $425
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Students will learn how to use the Adobe Photoshop interface and access its expansive set of features.

+1750 pts
Sa.Su.   Jul 12th - Jul 13th, 10am

Students will learn how to use Google Picasa to maximize their photo productivity!


Students will learn to download & edit their pictures, make basic cropping and color corrections using Adobe Photoshop Lightroom.


In this class, students will learn to download & edit their pictures, make basic cropping and color corrections using their iPhone!


Join accomplished author & photographer Michael Pliskin for the most effective lessons in using Adobe Lightroom, the digital photography workflow application from the makers of Photoshop. Learn how to easily manage and edit your raw digital photos.


Imagine being able to say, "I made that!" when someone compliments your holiday card this year. Learn a new skill and walk away with one or two gifts crossed off your list at the same time! Bring your computer with Photoshop CS5 or 6 and digital photos to place on cards, even if you have not yet taken the ones you want to use this year. We will make them into template


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Hybrid eCards: Capture the Magic of the Holidays in Motion! Hybrid eCards are the hot new item for holiday cards. eCards can be created with a mirrorless or DSLR camera, from still photos and video. We usually add audio (music or the voices of our clients saying Merry Christmas!)


Start making better photos today! This program takes the most popular and useful functions of Adobe Photoshop and combines them into one simpler to use program.


Students attending this class will learn how to easily process raw photos and make them gorgeous. Learn basic retouching, enhancing, color correcting, spot removal, sharpening and noise reduction & even straightening tall buildings in wide-angle shots. Also learn about batch processing so that you can apply the develop changes from one image to all the rest of your ph


Learn about workflow and file management.


Learn how to easily import photos into your Lightroom catalog and store them on your hard drive. Make metadata templates for applying your contact info, copyrights, captions, etc. to the photos. Use Lightroom’s rating and sorting features to select the best images, rate them and make collections for use in Lightroom’s Develop, Print, Book, Slideshow and Web Galler

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