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This class is a hand on, step by step printing course, designed for beginners to intermediate students. This course will enable anyone to produces great quality looking digital photos, from any digital files. The course will go over techniques like, editing, color adjustments, and enhancing tools and / or enhances your exiting printing skills. So

+4250 pts
W.   Sep 3rd - Oct 1st, 2pm
All levels
Wednesday September 3 2pm - 4pm 5 Sessions $425
Wednesday September 3 7pm - 9pm 5 Sessions $425
Other Dates (2)

Start making better photos today! This program takes the most popular and useful functions of Adobe Photoshop and combines them into one simpler to use program. What is Photoshop Elements?  Photoshop Elements (PSE for short) is becoming one of the most popular photo-editing softwares out there, and it's only getting better with each edition.Y

+1090 pts
Su.   Sep 7th, 1pm

Join accomplished author & photographer Michael Pliskin for the most effective lessons in using Adobe Lightroom, the digital photography workflow application from the makers of Photoshop. Learn how to easily manage and edit your raw digital photos. Library and Import ModuleLearn how to:Easily import photos into your Lightroom catalog and store the

+3490 pts
Sa.   Sep 6th - Oct 11th, 1pm
All levels

These two classes will teach you fairly simple techniques for creating panoramic and high-density (gigapixel) photographs, allowing the creative photographer to produce dramatic, wall-filling landscape and fine art prints. Panoramic Photography: Tired of having to use a wide angle lens to get the whole scene in the frame? Learn to create

+700 pts
Th.   Sep 11th - Sep 18th, 7pm
All levels
Thursday September 11 7pm - 9pm 2 Sessions $70
Thursday September 11 7pm - 9pm 1 Session $40
Thursday September 18 7pm - 9pm 1 Session $40
Other Dates (3)

Learn graphic design, photo manipulation, collage/photo layout and restoration. Image professionals and enthusiasts alike choose this felxible image-editing software for their varied needs. Harness the power of layers, filters, and "content-aware" features.

+1350 pts
Su.   Aug 3rd, 9:30am
All levels

If a single picture is works a thousand words, imagine the value of a well planned and executed photo essay. This workshop explores the creation and sequencing of images in the tradition of the great photo essayists from W. Gene Smith and Gordon Parks to Mary Ellen Mark and Sebastiao Salgado.Designed for professionals and nonprofessionals alike, th

+2750 pts
Sa.   Nov 8th, 10am
All levels

Become a Photoshop Pro in this 4 day Intensive Training Class! Learn all about layers, layer effects, layer masks, filters, typography, text styles, image manipulation & compositing, removing backgrounds, creating effects. Learn to output files for the web, photoshop tips, tricks, shortcuts, techniques, advanced selection techniques, retouching, co

+10500 pts
M.T.W.Th.   Aug 4th - Aug 7th, 9:30am

Learn the methods for shooting and editing a solid photographic essay. Being able to assemble and edit a photo essay is a crucial skill for any photographer. A well-done essay can help you capture the eye of photo editors and art directors. Joel Sartore, freelance photographer for National Geographic, has spent 20 years documenting wildlife a

+9750 pts
F.Sa.Su.   Dec 12th - Dec 14th, 7pm
All levels

This advanced class covers topics such as Motio tracking, complex tracking in Mocha AE, Particle simulation, advanced 3D, advanced Masking, Roto Brush Tool, Puppet Tools, Time-warp / Time-lapse simulations, exporting to Flash, and more. Our Adobe After Effects CS6 - Level 2 course is for Design and corporate communications professionals who need to

+7950 pts
W.Th.   Jul 30th - Jul 31st, 9:30am

Adobe Illustrator Level 2 will delve deeper into more advanced Illustrator techniques. You will learn the tools that will help you create quicker and more complex shapes. Get tips and tricks to work smarter. Illustrator Training | Level 2 is intended for designers, publishers, pre-press professionals, marketing communications professionals, or pe

+6950 pts
Th.F.   Aug 28th - Aug 29th, 9:30am

In this basic Photoshop training class, we lead you through practical, step-by-step exercises that help you master all the basic skills you'll need to create some truly dazzling images. Considered by most web and print designers to be the end-all tool for working with photos and digital imaging, Adobe Photoshop is often the first program to learn w

+6950 pts
M.T.   Aug 4th - Aug 5th, 8am
Monday August 4 8am - 3pm 2 Sessions $695
Tuesday September 2 8am - 3pm 2 Sessions $695
Monday September 29 8am - 3pm 2 Sessions $695
Monday October 27 8am - 3pm 2 Sessions $695
Thursday November 20 8am - 3pm 2 Sessions $695
Other Dates (5)

Learn about workflow and file management. Improve and enhance your images with new simple editing techniques.Schedules:Lightroom TuesdayAperture WednesdayiPhoto Thursday


Imagine being able to say, "I made that!" when someone compliments your holiday card this year. Learn a new skill and walk away with one or two gifts crossed off your list at the same time! Bring your computer with Photoshop CS5 or 6 and digital photos to place on cards, even if you have not yet taken the ones you want to use this year. We will mak


Students will learn how to use the Adobe Photoshop interface and access its expansive set of features. Photoshop is a powerful and essential program for the digital photographer. Topics covered include color and exposure controls, selective editing, digital compositing and Photoshop filters. Other advanced manipulations, such as editing in black an


Hybrid eCards: Capture the Magic of the Holidays in Motion! Hybrid eCards are the hot new item for holiday cards. eCards can be created with a mirrorless or DSLR camera, from still photos and video. We usually add audio (music or the voices of our clients saying Merry Christmas!) In this class we will teach you how to shoot a portrait session with

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