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Modern Dance Classes Coming up in New York

This is offered at basic and intermediate levels. Utilizing the skills of today’s choreographers, and the sounds of today’s music, these classes offer an extreme workout.

+750 pts
M.   Jul 7th - Aug 4th, 6:30pm

You will learn to utilize the skills with the help of today’s choreographers, and the sounds of today’s music, this class offers an extreme workout.

+750 pts
W.   Jul 9th - Aug 6th, 7pm

Got no rhythm? Do you need 1.5 drinks before you feel comfortable on the dance floor? The Girl Can't dance class is a fun, practical exploration of what makes good dancers look good.


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Learn about music video readiness and performance. Whether you want to pursue as a career as a backup dancer, professional choreographer or just learn how to dance like your favorite pop artist this is the class for you!


Our Limon-based Intermediate class explores the body's relationship to breath, weight, space and line.


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Our Hawkins-based beginner and open-level classes allow students to explore the body's relationship to breath, weight and space through standing and floor work and traveling combinations. This "free flow" technique allows tension to release in the body, leaving more energy available to develop strength and movement flexibility.


Our Hawkins-based beginner class introduces students to the body’s relationship to breath, weight and space through simple steps and movement phrases.


Learn how to dance the underground style of this popular music, played in many nightclubs and characterized by a kickdrum and a 4/4 beat.


Explore African roots fused with multicultural influences of the Caribbean.

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