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Marbling Classes Coming up in Los Angeles

Learn how to manipulate these amazing inks on the surface of a water bath, creating beautiful designs we'll capture on paper. Join us for a day of colorful exploration through the basic techniques of suminagashi, the ancient Japanese art of paper marbling. Additionally, we will show you how to transfer and set your designs on silk fabric, sending e

Sa.   Oct 18th, 11am
All levels

You’ve probably seen Donna Dewberry demonstrating her one-stroke painting technique on TV. She shades, blends, and highlights—all in one stroke of the brush. You don’t have to know how to paint or draw to create your own gifts, accessories, and home decor. One-Stroke Painting can be used on wall borders, murals, ceramic pots, glass, concrete,

Sa.   Nov 15th, 9am
All levels
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