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Proper knife technique is an essential skill in the kitchen. In this class, students will learn how to do basic cuts from dicing to chiffonades while putting together a simple and quick dish. “Intro to…” are one hour lessons that hone on becoming proficient in a particular skill or ingredient.

M.   Oct 20th, 11am
Monday October 20 11am - 12pm 1 Session $75
Monday November 3 7pm - 8pm 1 Session $75
Other Dates (2)

Learning to use a sharp knife properly and safely is essential to good cooking. You'll prepare your meals in half the time as you effectively master knife techniques for mincing, dicing, slicing, shredding and more. You'll learn how to select and care for your knives as well as how to sharpen and hone them along with your skills. A light meal will

T.   Dec 9th, 6:30pm
Tuesday December 9 6:30pm - 10pm 1 Session $110
Tuesday January 6 6:30pm - 10pm 1 Session $110
Monday February 2 6:30pm - 10pm 1 Session $110
Other Dates (3)
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Learning to use a sharp knife properly and safely is essential to good cooking. You'll prepare your meals in half the time as you effectively master knife techniques for mincing, dicing, slicing, shredding and more. You'll learn how to select and care for your knives as well as how to sharpen and hone them along with your skills! A light meal will

Th.   Nov 20th, 6:30pm

After you’ve tackled these fundamental cooking techniques, there is no limit to the variation of meals you can make.Knife Skills (everything you need to know)Browning Meats (perfect skillet steak)Making Pan Sauces (red wine-shallot pan sauce)Roasting Root Vegetables (roasted purple potatoes and fennel)Cooking Leafy Greens (Swiss chard with garlic

Th.   Nov 6th, 6pm
Thursday November 6 6pm - 8:30pm 1 Session $100
Saturday November 15 12pm - 2pm 1 Session $100
Friday October 17 7pm - 9:30pm 1 Session $100
Other Dates (3)

Learn some of the same basic culinary fundamental skills taught to chefs in the finest cooking schools. Topics covered include: knife skills, principles and application of all the major cooking methods, how to cook poultry, meat & fish, plating & presentation, and more. This program is a must for anyone who is tired of ruining dinner or co

M.   Oct 20th - Nov 17th, 7pm
All levels

In this class you will learn how to redress an abused cutting edge as well as how to routinely maintain a good edge on your knifes using user friendly Japanese water stones. Whether you are a chef, a foodie or enjoy cooking, a sharp knife is a thing of beauty and turns chopping into a joyous activity! A sharp knife is a safe knife!This class or equ

M.   Nov 17th, 6:30pm
All levels
Monday November 17 6:30pm - 9:30pm 1 Session $60
Monday December 8 6:30pm - 9:30pm 1 Session $60
Other Dates (2)

Picking up where the Culinary "Mini" Boot Camp left off, new recipes and techniques will be covered in this next step in your culinary education, as you delve deeper into topics and ingredients. This is a necessary "kitchen essentials" course for any home cook.Week 1: Knife SkillsWeek 2: Poultry CookeryWeek 3: Beef CookeryWeek 4: Fish TechWeek 5: B

T.   Oct 21st - Nov 18th, 6:30pm

This class is our version of cooking boot camp. If you don’t even know how to properly boil water or simply need a basics refresher, this series offers it all. Students learn basic knife skills along with fundamental cooking techniques such as (depending on the class) sauce-making, sautéeing, frying and butchering. The bistro classic of steak a

F.   Oct 10th, 7pm

What do you get when you combine butchering and cooking a chicken, making a stock, roux, veloute, cutting vegetables, cooking vegetables, kneading, rolling and baking pastry dough, all into one humble dish? Learn a handful of basic skills and put them to work with the ultimate comfort food —chicken pot pie.Intensive Kitchen Basics is our version

T.   Oct 14th, 7pm

Chef David Mawhinney is known for his fried chicken. He makes it for birthdays, weddings and to cheer up beleaguered staff after a particularly long day. In this class, he will share the secrets of his fried chicken and biscuits, and in turn teach students the fundamentals of butchering, frying and baking.Intensive Kitchen Basics is our version of

Th.   Nov 13th, 7pm

We observe Meatless Mondays, but sometimes convincing the people around your dining table to eat vegetarian can be as difficult as nailing jelly to a tree. In this class, students will create dishes that expertly highlight seasonal vegetables that will convince your biggest doubters.Love food but not sure where to get started in the kitchen? In Sim

M.   Nov 17th, 7pm
All levels

We'll cover all the basic skills you need to get you started feeling comfortable and creative in the kitchen. The boot camp series will meet every week for a total of 3 weeks, giving you time to practice everything you've learned before tackling the next set of skills. Class #1:Knife Skills 101 Hanger Steak with Red Wine Pan SauceRoasted

W.   Oct 29th - Nov 19th, 6pm
All levels

In this extraordinary class, Sushi Chef Hideyo Yamada, with her remarkable knife skills and impressive artistic talent, will guide you through all phases of preparing classic sushi and sashimi. Using time-honored techniques and health-supportive ingredients, you’ll also make mineral-rich broth, traditional sauces, perfect brown rice, and create e

F.   Jan 9th, 6pm
All levels

In this edition of Simple, Seasonal Suppers, we are partnering with FEED in their FEED Supper initiative to raise one million meals to feed families in America and around the world. FEED Supper is an invitation to come together to 'truly share a meal'. Starting on September 16th and ending on October 16th, World Food Day, FEED is issuing a grassroo

M.   Oct 13th, 7pm
All levels

Students attending this class will learn how to maintain a sharp edge and the best way to cut vegetables. No matter the cuisine, a chef is only as good as their knife skills. Join chef instructor Kate Duff as she explains the finer points of knife use, care and safety.


Knives are sharp, but they don't have to be scary. Our in-house chopping expert, Joe, will go through the basics of safe and effective knife skills for everyday use. Sharpen your skills (and enjoy some cheese while you're at it--we are a cheese shop after all).


Knowing how to use knives skillfully is critical for cooks, yet many people have never mastered proper technique. Similarly, good knives form the foundation of a well-equipped kitchen, yet even some accomplished home cooks don't know how to select and care for them. In Knife Skills 2, you will hone your fish and poultry fabrication skills. You wil


Chef Shaya will break down everything you need to know in detail from knife anatomy, knife selection, how to hold a knife, sharpening, and many cutting and slicing techniques. Being comfortable and skillful with a knife can change the way you cook. Knife skills are a confidence booster and will lead to more productive time spent in the kitchen.

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In this class, we will teach you how to chop, dice, and mince vegetables. One of the most important culinary skills are your knife skills. This is the foundation of great cooking. This class will provide you such techniques. The veggies we practice our chopping on won't go to waste as we will use them to make a delicious fresh salsa and baked tort


Improve your presentation skills by learning the correct ways to cut and chop vegetables and herbs into attractive shapes and garnishes. Our chef will teach several different knife cuts that will help you to become a faster, more efficient cook.Every chef knows that the knife is the most important tool in the kitchen. Yet few home cooks know how

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