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Knife Skills Classes NYC

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Knife Skills Classes Coming up in New York

Good knives are the foundation of a well equipped kitchen. This class remedies all these basic issues: You will learn how to slice, dice, and chop in the safest and most efficient manner. Knowing how to use knives skillfully is the foundation of all cooking, and should not be scary or frustrating. Many home and even professional cooks don't always...

W.   Jul 15th, 6pm
Wednesday July 15 6pm - 9pm 1 Session $105
Sunday August 9 10am - 1pm 1 Session $105
Tuesday September 8 6pm - 9pm 1 Session $105
Other Dates (3)

Learning to use a sharp knife properly and safely is essential to good cooking. You'll prepare your meals in half the time as you effectively master knife techniques for mincing, dicing, slicing, shredding and more.  You'll learn how to select and care for your knives as well as how to sharpen and hone them along with your skills. A light meal...

M.   Jul 27th, 6:30pm
Monday July 27 6:30pm - 10pm 1 Session $115
Tuesday August 25 6:30pm - 10pm 1 Session $115
Other Dates (2)
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The most important skill in the kitchen before heading to the stove—it’ll change your life! Learn to slice and dice like a pro. We discuss which knives you really need; how to hold a knife for efficiency, speed and safety; what it means to sharpen versus hone; how to use your honing steel; and our secret way to get the garlic smell off your fingers....

M.   Jul 27th, 6:30pm
All levels

Proper knife technique is an essential skill in the kitchen. In this class, students will learn how to do basic cuts from dicing to chiffonades while putting together a final meal for the class to share.

W.   Aug 12th, 6:30pm
Wednesday August 12 6:30pm - 9pm 1 Session $100
Tuesday August 25 11am - 1pm 1 Session $100
Wednesday September 2 6:30pm - 9pm 1 Session $100
Wednesday October 21 7pm - 9:30pm 1 Session $100
Other Dates (4)

Get the most out of your meats Take home $50 worth of protein Keep all your appendages If you've mastered your 8" chef knife and you're thirsty for more knowledge, this is the class for you! Your class ticket includes a whole chicken and a whole fish at the start of class (valued at $50 worth of protein).  Under the watchful eye of our instructor,...

Th.   Aug 13th, 6:30pm

Sharpen your culinary foundation with this essential skill class. Become one with your knife set as you master proper hand placement, technique and application, while easily discerning between a Santoku, utility or paring knife. You will walk away smarter and more efficient in the kitchen as you learn how to slice, dice, mince, julienne and brunoise...

W.   Jul 22nd, 6:30pm
All levels

Learn some of the same basic culinary fundamental skills taught to chefs in the finest cooking schools.  This program is a must for anyone who is tired of ruining dinner or conversely, dares to call him or herself a good cook.  Topics covered include:  knife skills,  principles and application of all the major cooking methods,...

W.   Jul 15th, 7pm
All levels

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In this hands-on knife skills class, you will learn the fundamental techniques of knife skills: chopping, knife sharpening, making a chiffonade. We will also give you step-by-step instructions on how to grasp a knife safely, body position and seriously dicing and slicing. In the beginning of the class you will be given a planned out curriculum about...

Sa.   Jul 11th, 9am
Saturday July 11 9am - 12pm 1 Session $160
Saturday July 11 9am - 12pm 1 Session $95
Sunday July 19 9am - 12pm 1 Session $160
Sunday July 19 9am - 12pm 1 Session $95
Sunday July 26 9am - 12pm 1 Session $160
Sunday July 26 9am - 12pm 1 Session $95
Sunday August 9 1pm - 4pm 1 Session $160
Sunday August 9 1pm - 4pm 1 Session $95
Saturday August 22 9am - 12pm 1 Session $95
Saturday August 22 9am - 12pm 1 Session $160
Other Dates (10)

In this class you will learn how to redress an abused cutting edge as well as how to routinely maintain a good edge on your knifes using user friendly Japanese water stones. Whether you are a chef, a foodie or enjoy cooking, a sharp knife is a thing of beauty and turns chopping into a joyous activity! A sharp knife is a safe knife! This class or...

M.   Jul 13th, 6:30pm
All levels

We will be teaching you basic knife skills to make your work in the kitchen exponentially faster, not to mention safer. You’ll also learn what to look for when purchasing knives. One of the most requested things our students ask to learn is how to make quick and easy dinners at home. Well, one of the reasons why dinner takes so long to prepare is...

Su.   Jul 19th, 11am
All levels
Sunday July 19 11am - 1:45pm 1 Session $75
Sunday August 9 11am - 1:45pm 1 Session $75
Friday August 28 7pm - 9:45pm 1 Session $75
Other Dates (3)

In our class, students will learn to become comfortable wielding their chef’s knife for everything from dicing an onion to julienning a mango to fashioning decorative platters and garnishes. The Basics A. The knife does the work; your hand expresses your intent. Your “off the knife” hand: it controls your work and guides the blade. It creates...

M.   Jul 13th, 7pm
All levels
Monday July 13 7pm - 9pm 1 Session $50
Monday July 20 7pm - 9pm 1 Session $50
Monday July 27 7pm - 9pm 1 Session $50
Monday August 3 7pm - 9pm 1 Session $50
Monday August 10 7pm - 9pm 1 Session $50
Monday August 17 7pm - 9pm 1 Session $50
Monday August 24 7pm - 9pm 1 Session $50
Monday August 31 7pm - 9pm 1 Session $50
Other Dates (8)

Celebrate the transition between spring to summer with our version of this beachside culinary tradition. While a traditional clambake takes place on the beach, we teach you how to recreate one in the comfort of your own home. We’ll turn lobsters, mussels, crabs, steamers, sausage and potatoes into a dish that harkens the afterglow of summer nights....

F.   Jul 17th, 6:30pm
All levels

We have a weakness for fried chicken. It's made for birthdays, weddings and to cheer up beleaguered staff after a particularly long day. In this class, Ashton Keefe will share the secrets of her fried chicken and biscuits, and in turn teach students the fundamentals of butchering, frying and baking. Intensive Kitchen Basics is our version of cooking...

F.   Aug 7th, 6pm
Friday August 7 6pm - 8:30pm 1 Session $125
Tuesday October 13 7pm - 9:30pm 1 Session $125
Other Dates (2)

We observe Meatless Mondays, but sometimes convincing the people around your dining table to eat vegetarian can be as difficult as nailing jelly to a tree. In this class, students will create dishes that expertly highlight seasonal vegetables that will convince your biggest doubters. Love food but not sure where to get started in the kitchen? In Simple,...

M.   Aug 10th, 6:30pm
All levels
Monday August 10 6:30pm - 9pm 1 Session $135
Monday September 14 7pm - 9:30pm 1 Session $135
Monday October 12 7pm - 9:30pm 1 Session $135
Other Dates (3)

This class is our version of cooking boot camp. If you don’t even know how to properly boil water or simply need a basics refresher, this series offers it all. Students learn basic knife skills along with fundamental cooking techniques such as (depending on the class) sauce-making, sautéeing, frying and butchering. The bistro classic of steak...

W.   Aug 26th, 6:30pm
Wednesday August 26 6:30pm - 9pm 1 Session $125
Friday October 2 7pm - 9:30pm 1 Session $125
Other Dates (2)
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