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With our Bilingual Mornings preschool prep program, the teacher's role is to guide each child in an age-appropriate learning environment that stimulates the child's development in 5 major skill areas: social, emotional, language, motor and cognitive.

+25750 pts
M.Th.F.   Apr 24th - Jun 27th, 10am
All levels
Thursday April 24 10am - 12pm 29 Sessions $2,575
Thursday April 24 10am - 12pm 20 Sessions $1,825
Thursday April 24 10am - 12pm 10 Sessions $1,025
Friday April 25 10am - 12pm 10 Sessions $1,025
Saturday April 26 10am - 12pm 10 Sessions $1,025
Monday April 28 10am - 12pm 10 Sessions $1,025
Other Dates (6)

Students will earn about the keys to creative writing (imagination, observation, language), and such craft techniques as scenes and voice.

+3240 pts
Sa.   Apr 26th - Jun 7th, 12pm
All levels
Saturday April 26 12pm - 3pm 6 Sessions $324
Monday July 7 3pm - 5pm 8 Sessions $320
Tuesday July 8 3pm - 5pm 8 Sessions $320
Saturday July 12 12pm - 3pm 6 Sessions $324
Other Dates (4)

Be authors & writer a mysterious adventure, idea exchange & development. Have fun turning imagination into a book!!

+3730.8 pts
Sa.   Apr 26th - Jun 28th, 12:45pm
All levels

By the end of this course students will leave with an advanced understanding of their camera, and professional techniques.

+2900 pts
Su.   Apr 27th - Jun 8th, 1pm
All levels

Students will learn how to actively care for friendly animals, through a kind experience that instills in children the value of care, respect and responsibility for all living creatures.

+2960 pts
T.   Jul 1st - Aug 19th, 3:30pm
All levels

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Students will learn how to actively care for friendly animals, through a kind experience that instills in children the value of care, respect and responsibility for all living creatures.

+2960 pts
Th.   Jul 3rd - Aug 21st, 3:30pm
All levels

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To approach the class as a working playwright. To think as a playwright. To see the world around them as a playwright. To begin to see a script not just as an actor or actress or director or designer or reader or audience but as all of these.

+3250 pts
M.   Jul 7th - Aug 25th, 11am
All levels

During this camp, participants will become authors and write an action adventure, do an idea exchange and have fun turning imagination into a book.

+4450 pts
M.T.W.Th.F.   Jul 21st - Jul 25th, 2pm
All levels

This girls only theater workshop is designed to empower and inspire girls ages 11–14 through a unique combination of theater, creative writing, debate and discussion, and mentorship.

+7100 pts
M.F.   Aug 4th - Aug 8th, 10am
All levels

Students will learn about “creative nonfiction” (memoir and essay), the creative forms of journalism (feature articles and profiles).

+3200 pts
T.Th.   Aug 5th - Aug 28th, 3pm
All levels

Better writers produce stronger college applications, and an extracurricular writing workshop is an impressive addition to any profile.


This is an exciting book club for young authors in the making. As kids advance each level of the series, they become the polished and proud author of three books. Ideas are exchanged, and thrilling stories are told in this creative class for imaginative kids.


If you’ve ever wondered why you look the way you do or why some rats are albino or how cells multiply then this club is for you. Students will learn about and extract their DNAs, to examine genes, traits, and much more.


If you’ve ever wondered how cities evolved, and why buildings stand up, then join here. This class will help students explore civil and structural engineering through the streets and structures of Washington Heights.


If you've ever wondered how living organisms work together and how they make food and clean their environment, then you'll love making your own ecosystem. We'll create self-sustaining ecosystems and examine plants, animals, microbes and water.

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