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Su.   Sep 28th, 4pm
All levels
Sunday September 28 4pm - 5:30pm 1 Session $30
Sunday September 28 4pm - 5:30pm 1 Session $80
Other Dates (2)

We will learn by ear, singing songs from a range of traditional styles - mostly rooted in the southern US, England, Scotland, and Ireland - and exploring the nuances of each, including style, tone, timing, pitch, ornamentation and harmony, where appropriate. Level II This class will build on the foundations of Traditional Singing I with a more in d

T.   Oct 14th, 7pm
All levels
Tuesday October 14 7pm - 8:30pm 1 Session $180
Tuesday October 14 7pm - 8:30pm 4 Sessions $230
Other Dates (2)

A series designed for and geared towards singers of all backgrounds, styles, and experience. Whether you’re a complete beginner or seasoned pro with extensive training under your belt, this class will cover a wide array of subjects and approach them in ways you may not have considered. Each class will provide a slew of information in a short

Su.   Oct 12th - Nov 2nd, 5pm
All levels
Sunday October 12 5pm - 6pm 4 Sessions $120
Sunday October 12 5pm - 6pm 1 Session $30
Sunday October 19 5pm - 6pm 1 Session $30
Sunday October 26 5pm - 6pm 1 Session $30
Sunday November 2 5pm - 6pm 1 Session $30
Other Dates (5)

Students will learn the basics of traditional singing. Beginning or experienced singer, good or bad singer, soprano or alto - all of these distinctions break down in the world of traditional song where the focus is less on the beauty or range of your voice and more on telling a story well in the company of other people, remembering an event or a pe

T.   Oct 14th - Nov 4th, 7pm
Tuesday October 14 7pm - 8:30pm 4 Sessions $145
Tuesday October 14 7pm - 8:30pm 4 Sessions $95
Other Dates (2)

This class will serve as an introduction to chamber music. Students will learn violin duets and trios with independent parts and will increase their understanding of the roles of different instrumental voices in chamber music. New techniques in this class will include slurring many notes together, playing at fast tempos, an introduction to shifting

T.   Sep 23rd - Nov 11th, 7pm

In this Intermediate group violin class students will be introduced to playing in harmony and performing repertoire with multiple violin parts. Students will learn new techniques such as slurring across strings, new fingering positions, and developing a stronger rhythmic foundation as well as increasing their vocabulary and dexterity playing in dif

W.   Sep 24th - Nov 12th, 8:30pm

Learning the cello opens up an opportunity for the student to have fun, learn a great discipline, and have the opportunity to perform the best music ever written. Luke's focus is on the person that they want to be, both as a musician and a human being In teaching the instrument, Luke is  focused on how your mind relates to your body and gettin

Sa.   Sep 27th, 12pm
All levels
Saturday September 27 12pm - 1:30pm 1 Session $75
Saturday October 4 12pm - 1:30pm 1 Session $75
Saturday October 11 12pm - 1:30pm 1 Session $75
Saturday October 18 12pm - 1:30pm 1 Session $75
Saturday October 25 12pm - 1:30pm 1 Session $75
Saturday November 1 12pm - 1:30pm 1 Session $75
Saturday November 8 12pm - 1:30pm 1 Session $75
Saturday November 15 12pm - 1:30pm 1 Session $75
Saturday November 22 12pm - 1:30pm 1 Session $75
Saturday November 29 12pm - 1:30pm 1 Session $75
Saturday December 6 12pm - 1:30pm 1 Session $75
Saturday December 13 12pm - 1:30pm 1 Session $75
Saturday December 20 12pm - 1:30pm 1 Session $75
Saturday December 27 12pm - 1:30pm 1 Session $75
Other Dates (14)

Come and hone your songwriting skills! Have you written poems or lyrics but not yet set them to music? Have you improvised or composed music but not yet set lyrics to your tunes? Do you dream of being able to come up with both lyrics and melody simultaneously? Do know about “Yesterday”'s seven-measure phrase and Keith Richards' ideas about "vow

Th.   Oct 2nd - Jan 1st, 7pm
All levels

Learn the fundamentals of music - melody, harmony, bass and rhythm - will also be explored through improvisation via scales, chords, linear and harmonic sequences, song forms, meters, grooves and feels, phrasing, articulation, and much more. The Jazz Improvisation and Theory 1 workshop is open to all instrumentalists and vocalists who have the desi

T.   Oct 7th - Oct 28th, 5:30pm
Tuesday October 7 5:30pm - 7pm 16 Sessions $194
Tuesday November 4 5:30pm - 7pm 16 Sessions $194
Tuesday December 2 5:30pm - 7pm 16 Sessions $194
Other Dates (3)

Learn harmony parts to Old Time, Early Country, Bluegrass and Gospel standards, experience the thrill of singing close harmony with others, develop an understanding of chords and intervals, and gain the tools to start finding harmony parts on your own. Dive in head-first to the joys of traditional American harmony singing. Less advanced singer


Singers will focus on two and three-part harmony singing, with opportunities to gain independence on a part, work in small groups, experiment with blend, and take home some new songs. Explore the rich world of Early Country, Bluegrass, Old Time, and Gospel harmony singing, from lesser-known rep to old chestnuts. Less advanced singers can start with


This class will cover harmony stacks, vocal qualities, styles, ornaments, repertory and more (in the old-time/early country/classic country/bluegrass genres). This is for more experienced singers who already know the basics of finding harmonies, to fine-tune what you're doing, give you practice in singing with like-minded singers. You should be ha


This is a basic course covering the nuts and bolts of singing old-time/early country/classic country music. Consider this class if you like to sing but aren't particularly confident about harmonizing and want to practice singing with other people, be able to join in at a session and understand where to find a harmony part. An ability to "match pit


A beginning to intermediate vocal class that focuses on learning quirky, nostalgic tunes in four-part barbershop formations. Each week we'll tackle a new old-time tune, part by part, learn tricks for blending and singing in a group. This will be a fun way to to meet other singers, sing sweet songs that will make you smile, and grow as a singer!


Less advanced singers will learn the basics, start with the melody and then move to harmonizing, and more advanced singers will be able to fill in some gaps of what they don't already know and can go deep into singing multiple parts. Schedule: 12pm (Vocal Harmony Basics with Emily Eagan) Dive in head-first to the joys of traditional American harmon


Social singing is at the very backbone of the American musical experience. Come learn and sing a mixture of traditional and new folk, country, and bluegrass songs. We'll also learn about how to listen while we sing, how to blend with other singers, and even sing a little harmony.


This class is a sampling of what some of the world's best harmony traditions have to offer.  Drawing from diverse traditions such as Balkan, Sephardic, South African, and American Sacred Harp, we'll take a tour around the world and dig into some of the gems from these and other cultures. No knowledge of musical notation OR other languages is r


This class will offer the basic skills for someone who wants to put their voice together with an instrument for the first, or nearly the first time. If you can play 5-10 chords on a uke or guitar, and would like to accompany yourself while singing, this class will help you do just that! This class will help you play in time while you sing a melody,


This course will go through the basics of vocal technique and harmony and get you to a point where you feel comfortable singing one-on-a-part on some of the best harmony songs out there. This hour-long class will give you a chance to, simply put, explore your voice. Learn the fundamentals of vocal technique and vocal expansion in a supportive, crea


In this class, the student will learn how to apply basic musical concepts, such as rhythm, harmony, and melody to the guitar. Please read: Course Requirement: Completion of Guitar I.

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