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Grammar Classes NYC

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Grammar Classes Coming up in New York

You will identify the elements of correct grammar for use in professional writing. You learned the rules of grammar in school, but now you'd like to refresh and refine your grammar usage for your professional life. You need to articulate your ideas clearly and succinctly in written communications and present yourself in a professional manner. In...

Sa.   Aug 8th, 9am
All levels
Saturday August 8 9am - 5pm 1 Session $325
Friday August 21 9am - 5pm 1 Session $325
Saturday September 12 9am - 5pm 1 Session $325
Friday September 25 9am - 5pm 1 Session $325
Saturday October 10 9am - 5pm 1 Session $325
Friday October 23 9am - 5pm 1 Session $325
Saturday November 7 9am - 5pm 1 Session $325
Friday November 20 9am - 5pm 1 Session $325
Saturday December 12 9am - 5pm 1 Session $325
Friday December 18 9am - 5pm 1 Session $325
Other Dates (10)

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Professionals who can write clearly and correctly are far more valuable to an organization than those whose business writing is filled with errors. Whether you need to refresh your knowledge of grammar and punctuation or know what's grammatically correct but can't always explain why, this highly interactive and collaborative seminar is the perfect...

Th.F.   Jul 30th, 9am
All levels
Thursday July 30 9am - 5pm 2 Sessions $1,895
Thursday September 17 9am - 5pm 2 Sessions $1,895
Monday November 23 9am - 5pm 2 Sessions $1,895
Other Dates (3)
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Business people who know grammar judge others based on their correct (or incorrect) usage. Be the professional who is able to be clearly and correct in writing. Business Grammar & Usage: English Boot Camp is the answer for today’s business competitive environment. Interactive instruction and collaboration with your fellow attendees means that...

W.   Nov 18th, 9:15am
All levels

This course is for anyone who wants to break into copy editing or feel more confident wrangling words. We'll cover the basics, from understanding copy editing marks to avoiding rookie grammar mistakes. You'll have the tools needed to enter the field and an understanding of how to create smooth, readable copy. And you'll have another skill you can add...

Sa.   Sep 12th, 10am
Saturday September 12 10am - 4pm 1 Session $275
Saturday December 12 10am - 4pm 1 Session $275
Other Dates (2)

In business, your writing counts. It’s a projection of yourself (and your company) just as much as what you wear or how you conduct yourself in a meeting. Good writing skills will enhance your image, increase your confidence, boost your productivity, and help you achieve your objectives on a daily basis. Here you will learn the basic principles...

T.   Aug 18th, 7pm

This course is designed for students interested in studying business in an American university, or those who want to get a job in the business field.  Working with newspapers, internet resources, and digital media, students learn about current events and trends in economics, finance, marketing, international trade, and sustainability. In this...

T.Th.   Sep 29th, 11:30am
All levels

In this course, students learn how to write effective text messages, email, memos, and letters.  Students develop their writing, grammar, and vocabulary as they focus on appropriate formats, style, and tone for a variety of audiences, including employers, colleagues, customers, and clients.  Pre-requisites: Students need to be in levels...

T.   Sep 29th, 6:15pm

Professional Writing Does the blank page keep you paralyzed in fear? Become more confident with your business writing. In a relaxed four-session workshop, participants review the basics of grammar and punctuation, as well as engage in the process of writing: assignment/idea, pre-writing, writing and editing. Exercises develop skills, so participants...

Th.   Aug 20th, 3pm
All levels
Thursday August 20 3pm - 4pm 1 Session Free
Thursday August 20 6pm - 7pm 1 Session Free
Other Dates (2)

Master the 10 business writing strategies, including getting started, understanding sentence structure, and being concise. Learn the new rules of e-communication to save time and achieve more. Through comparison, revisions, and discussion, learn ways to improve accuracy and clarity. Gain trust and increase confidence by crafting your message to...

T.   Oct 6th, 9am
All levels

In a relaxed four-session workshop, participants review the basics of grammar and punctuation, as well as engage in the process of writing: assignment/idea, pre-writing, writing and editing. Does the blank page keep you paralyzed in fear? Become more confident with your business writing.  Exercises develop skills, so participants begin to write...

W.   Sep 9th, 6pm
All levels
Wednesday September 9 6pm - 9pm 4 Sessions $195
Wednesday November 4 6pm - 9pm 5 Sessions $195
Other Dates (2)

Get the business writing skills to compose powerful, professional documents and emails that get attention and prompt action. Build on the business writing fundamentals, apply practical writing techniques that will give you the flexibility to write skillfully in different contexts for multiple readers. Explore variation in word choice and organization...

T.   Oct 27th, 9am
All levels

This course is for students who have a strong knowledge of grammar and sentence structure and are ready to delve deeper into the art of creative writing. The course will emphasize content and the process of your writing, exploring the difference between creative fiction and nonfiction. You will focus on generating ideas, getting past writers’ block,...

Sa.   Aug 29th, 10am
All levels
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During the training, there are daily study sessions in which trainees learn teaching methodology, classroom management skills, phonology, and how to teach English grammar. We offer a four-week residential certification course that provides for a high-quality practical training. A substantial amount of the time is spent on preparing, teaching, and...

M.T.W.Th.F.   Aug 3rd, 9am
All levels

Writing is the primary basis upon which your work, your learning, and your intellect will be judged-in college, in the workplace, and in the community. Good writing is vital to success in school and business, and enables you to present yourself in the best possible light in all situations. With patience and persistence, you can improve your writing...

Sa.   Aug 15th, 10am
All levels

Fast-track course designed for those in need of an accelerated path to obtain HSE preparation. Course work is divided into reading/writing and mathematics, which is an ideal format for students who need to pass only one* of the subject areas of the HSE exam. In order to assess academic level for the program, a diagnostic test will...

Sa.   Sep 19th, 10am
All levels
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