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Figure Drawing Classes Coming up in New York

This six week workshop will focus on developing a finished drawing through longer, sustained poses. We'll work with sighting and measuring, proportions, foreshortening and draping. Emphasis will be placed on developing a composition and creating a tonal structure that gives the drawings mood and personality. We will experiment with surfaces and med

+2200 pts
T.   Sep 2nd - Oct 7th, 7pm
All levels

This drawing workshop is designed to teach any student how to use the iPad (or any other mobile device) to do quick figurative studies from the live model. Students will also be taught several specific drawing techniques that will allow them to create final, polished drawings and paintings for print that are suitable for sale. Several Drawing

+3400 pts
T.W.Th.F.   Sep 2nd - Sep 5th, 9am
All levels

Students will be able to practice their drawing skills on a series of different poses different days of the week. Bring drawing/painting supplies. We will provide easels, tables, and drawing boards.Mondays: Series of short poses (BYOB)Wednesdays: One three-hour pose (BYOB)Saturdays: One three-hour posePress 35 on the buzzer.Important: For this clas

+120 pts
W.   Aug 27th, 7pm
All levels
Wednesday August 27 7pm - 10pm 1 Session $12
Saturday August 30 12pm - 3pm 1 Session $12
Other Dates (2)

Through this workshop students will discover a unique set of tools and techniques designed to distill the nude figure into its purest, gestural state. Short, timed drawings will allow participants to quickly turn the figure within deep space and represent the human form in more dramatic and challenging poses. The exercises are designed to establ

+4250 pts
M.T.W.Th.F.   Sep 8th - Sep 12th, 6pm
All levels

Working from the life model, participants will explore the craft of representational figure drawing and will learn techniques by which to develop solid, naturalistic figure drawings. Through demonstrations and hands-on practice we will consider an approach aimed at increasing skills of perceptual observation and manual application while suggesting

+4250 pts
M.T.W.Th.F.   Oct 6th - Oct 10th, 9am
All levels

Learning to draw is to become visually conscious. This class will explore different ways of drawing the figure with the intention of learning how to develop a significant image. Working with a live model, we will explore form, space, scale and time. One characteristic of drawing can be its simplicity in materials, and a variety of materials wil

+4750 pts
Sa.   Sep 20th - Dec 6th, 10am
All levels

In this workshop, students will draw the life-size figure on six-foot lengths of paper. Attention will be devoted to quality of line, observation of the rhythms of the standing figure, proportion, and modeling of sculptural forms through value. Topics of discussion and demonstration will include the initial blocking-in of the drawing, use of lines

+2900 pts
M.T.   Oct 13th - Oct 14th, 1:30pm
All levels

Draw inspiration from original works of art. Join talented art instructors in the galleries for informal sketching fun. Materials are provided, but you may bring your own sketchbook; pencils only. Instruction provided every thirty minutes. Come and go as you like between each session. Open to visitors of all ages.

+0 pts
F.   Dec 19th, 6:30pm
All levels

This workshop is for students with some drawing experience (at least one 5 session class recommended), who wish to have continued guidance in the art of figure drawing and painting. We will be focusing more on anatomy, gesture, tone, line and critique then on specific application of medium and technique.Materials to bring:Students should bring thei

+850 pts
T.   Aug 26th, 6:30pm
All levels

Working from the life model, this one week class will offer the student the chance to develop a single portrait painting in oil. The instructor will outline an 'Indirect Painting' method, describing a clear progression from drawing in pencil on paper through to the execution of the final pass of "form painting".Through demonstrations and hands

+4250 pts
M.T.W.Th.F.   Oct 6th - Oct 10th, 1:30pm
All levels

This classes offer specific discipline the excels in, as well as concentrated courses on aspects of one, such as watercolor or landscape painting,or figure sculpture. Learning to draw is to become visually conscious. This class will explore different ways of drawing the figure with the intention of learning how to develop a significant image. Worki

+4750 pts
M.   Sep 15th - Dec 1st, 6:30pm
All levels
Monday September 15 6:30pm - 9:30pm 11 Sessions $475
Thursday September 18 6:30pm - 9:30pm 11 Sessions $475
Other Dates (2)

This class will cover fundamental aspects of the visual language of drawing including perspective, charcoal tonal drawing, mark making (line, hatching, cross-hatching, etc), still-life, portraiture, figure drawing with the live model and much more. Behind many great works of art, abstraction or realism, lies a strong drawing. Drawing is the bridge

+2500 pts
T.   Oct 7th - Nov 4th, 6:30pm

Ever wonder how those beautiful Michelangelo sketches are made? It's not genius or talent, but specific techniques and skills. We'll start with some simple warm ups to get that hand-eye coordination flowing and then delve closely into human anatomy to work towards a very realistic figure.We'll be drawing from Michelangelo's beautiful sketches and t

+300 pts
Su.   Sep 14th, 2pm
All levels

This course is an extended foundation class in Fashion Illustration. We will discuss the basic principles and elements of design as well as the ever-evolving functional and conceptual nature of the fashion industry. We will cover different ways of sketching the fashion figure and techniques for rendering fur, leather, and textiles. This is a hands-

+380 pts
Sa.   Sep 27th, 11am
All levels

Students will learn the trends  and fashion forecasting,history of men's design and how to draw flats & technical drawings. A good portfolio—a collection of a person's best work—often is the deciding factor in getting an industry job, a private customer, or a store to carry your line.This intensive six month course teaches the student

+21000 pts
Th.   Sep 11th - Feb 26th, 10am
Thursday September 11 10am - 2pm 25 Sessions $2,100
Thursday September 11 10am - 2pm 4 Sessions $350
Thursday September 11 2pm - 6pm 25 Sessions $2,100
Thursday September 11 2pm - 6pm 4 Sessions $350
Other Dates (4)

You want to enter the competitive fashion industry? Or, you have a line to develop? It takes hard work, creativity, and passion to be a fashion designer (all the things you probably already have within you). But you can break into this field much more quickly and easily with the guidance of our courses and experienced instructors. Designers must ha

+3500 pts
M.   Sep 8th - Sep 29th, 6:45pm
All levels
Monday September 8 6:45pm - 9:45pm 4 Sessions $350
Monday September 8 6:45pm - 9:45pm 23 Sessions $2,100
Sunday September 21 5pm - 9pm 4 Sessions $350
Sunday September 21 5pm - 9:15pm 27 Sessions $2,100
Monday October 6 6:45pm - 9:45pm 4 Sessions $350
Monday October 6 6:45pm - 9:45pm 23 Sessions $2,100
Sunday October 19 5pm - 9pm 4 Sessions $350
Sunday October 19 5pm - 9:15pm 27 Sessions $2,100
Sunday November 16 5pm - 9pm 4 Sessions $350
Other Dates (9)

This concentrated; two-day workshop offers the absolute basics for getting started in drawing. It will cover topics such as basic materials, proportion, lighting, and space. It is intended for people who have little or no experience drawing, and who want to get started in a relaxed, no-pressure setting.Note: Last part of this class is studio time s

+2250 pts
Sa.Su.   Sep 20th - Sep 21st, 10am

Students will learn the hallmark botanical techniques of precise tonal application and detailing. Demonstrations and simple exercises emphasize key botanical art conventions: close observation to achieve realism; dissecting flowers to understand their structure, form, and texture; accurate color matching; using values to suggest fleshy volume; and

+3300 pts
T.W.Th.F.   Sep 2nd - Sep 5th, 1:30pm
All levels

This class will focus on both an analytical and emotive approach to painting the human figure with an emphasis on color and value relationships in a related atmosphere. The class will consist of a single long pose in both cool and warm light. The development of form through an observation and interpretation of plane shifts projecting and reced

+6800 pts
T.W.Th.F.   Sep 9th - Sep 12th, 9am
All levels

Students will learn to use the Indo-Persian miniature painting approach in an intensive, five day workshop focusing on the figure in miniature painting. Participants will study the stylization and composition of the body in the tradition of miniature painting. The primary processes explored in this course will be painting with tea and water based p

+4300 pts
M.T.W.Th.F.   Nov 3rd - Nov 7th, 1:30pm
All levels
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