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This class is a one-day, classroom style workshop for aspiring stylists. This class focuses on the art of styling, industry specific styling techniques, dressing different body types, building a basic fashion education and much more.Students will be provided with a comprehensive workbook, water, and light refreshments during this one-day course. Lu

+5750 pts
W.   Aug 20th, 10am

This three-day class is geared toward fashion designers who wish to incorporate modern digital tools into their design workflow. In the first two days, you will learn how to use Illustrator, especially its Pen tool, to create seamless patterns, design flats and create masks. In the final two days, you will learn how to use the painting tools in Pho

+2850 pts
T.   Aug 5th, 9am
All levels
Tuesday August 5 9am - 4pm 1 Session $285
Wednesday September 17 9am - 4pm 1 Session $285
Friday October 31 9am - 4pm 1 Session $285
Other Dates (3)

The Shoot is an amazing, one of a kind opportunity for students who want to gain the actual hands-on experience of prepping and styling their own editorial-style photo shoot.Prior to the shoot, students will present their creative direction for the editorial story through mood boards, which will be presented during the class. The Shoot students wil

+8750 pts
Sa.   Oct 18th, 11am
All levels

Our team of experts works to bring out the best in each student, introducing them to the individual genres of Print, Fashion, Personal Shopping, Television, and Film, and teaching them how to market themselves and develop their unique styling ability. Our Stylist course is a one month program dedicated to accelerating the careers of students so tha

+9750 pts
T.F.   Aug 19th - Aug 22nd, 10am
All levels
Tuesday August 19 10am - 6pm 2 Sessions $975
Tuesday August 19 10am - 6pm 4 Sessions $1,950
Tuesday August 26 10am - 6pm 2 Sessions $975
Other Dates (3)

This class is a two-day, classroom style workshop for aspiring stylists. This class focuses on the actual business of fashion and wardrobe styling. Students will learn how the business works, how to get started in the business, and more importantly- how to stay in the business.During this weekend course, students will be provided with many valuable

+6750 pts
Sa.Su.   Aug 16th - Aug 17th, 10am

Personal Styling is a one-day class that is specifically designed for aspiring personal stylists. If you live in a city where a career in high fashion or celebrity styling isn’t available to you, or your passion is to help people by developing their personal style – then perhaps a career in personal styling is for you.During this one-day course

+5750 pts
Sa.   Aug 30th, 10am

During Tour Of Style, students will be taken on a comprehensive tour of the premiere Los Angeles costume houses, PR firms, designer showrooms, hidden boutiques, department store studio services offices, and other popular LA stylists’ destinations – in a chauffeured luxury limousine.During the tour, students will learn the various stylist polici

+5750 pts
W.   Aug 27th, 10am
All levels

Students will not only learn how to create their own clothing line, but will also tour the fashion district in downtown LA, practice technical exercises and learn to work with patterns, fabrics, and how everything come together. We will invite speakers (pattern maker, sample maker etc). If you don’t have an idea yet, don’t worry. We can get you

+18000 pts
M.T.W.Th.F.   Aug 4th - Aug 8th, 10am
All levels
Monday August 4 10am - 5pm 5 Sessions $1,800
Monday August 11 10am - 5pm 5 Sessions $1,800
Monday August 18 10am - 5pm 5 Sessions $1,800
Monday August 25 10am - 5pm 5 Sessions $1,800
Other Dates (4)

This class is an exciting, one-day experiential workshop for aspiring stylists who want to gain the hands-on experience of working on the set of a photo or video shoot. This class focuses on the skills and procedures stylists will need to know in order to work on in a studio or location setting, including; setting up, breaking down, client communic

+7750 pts
Sa.   Aug 23rd, 10am
All levels

You will learn all of the basics of Illustrator with a hands on approach. We will provide you with a step by step full color workbook. We have restructured the Basic Flats class to that it is 2 easy days instead of one brutally long day! You can sign up for each course individually, but it is recommended that you take both in order to get the

+900 pts
Sa.   Aug 9th, 10am
All levels

You will learn all of the basics of Illustrator with a hands on approach. We have restructured the Basic Flats class to that it is 2 easy Saturdays instead of one brutally long day! You can sign up for each course individually, but it is recommended that you take both in order to get the complete training.Brief review of the basic flatRevising the

+900 pts
Sa.   Aug 16th, 10am
All levels

This years Fourth Annual FBI "All Aboard" Runway Show has become an internationally recognized event that embodies and celebrates the diverse culture of California fashion and will features both the best of new emerging labels along with some of the world-class recognized brands showcased during this Fashion Week showcase. Known in the industry as

+500 pts
T.   Oct 14th, 6pm
All levels

Are you interested in starting a professional fashion modeling career? This fun and highly interactive one-day workshop is the place to start! You will learn the essentials needed to break out into the fashion industry including expert advice on professionalism, poise, posture, runway walking, etiquette, interview skills and marketing tips to pro

+750 pts
Sa.   Sep 20th, 10am
All levels
Saturday September 20 10am - 2pm 1 Session $75
Saturday October 18 10am - 2pm 1 Session $75
Saturday November 15 10am - 2pm 1 Session $75
Other Dates (3)

Learn the most current trends in a format that includes live model presentations and cutting demonstrations, in this energetic and motivational program. Prerequisite: Participants to the classes MUST be a licensed cosmetologist.This class shares the most fashion-forward ideas and concepts from our latest collections. Every day is yours during this

+6500 pts
M.Su.   Nov 2nd - Nov 3rd, 10am

This course will cover the basics of social media marketing, explore techniques for employing social media as a marketing tool and present ways to develop strategy. Designing your Facebook landing page, creating a YouTube channel, setting up a Twitter account, and how to update them all together and use them to promote your business or film! Facebo

+7950 pts
M.T.   Aug 18th - Aug 19th, 9:30am

Will show you how to create one of kind fashions with your closet castaways. Bring in your boyfriend’s or dad's big shirts or pants, your old t-shirts and out of fashion clothing, and update them by learning how to hand stitch, drape, and add unique touches. A fun workshop where you need no previous skills.Scissors, needles, thread, and some noti


Unique opportunity to work with fashion design professional, Gerard Dislaire, formerly of Juicy Couture, for a thorough introduction to the exciting world of fashion design! Explore the process of fashion design, creating along the way, various projects reflecting individual aesthetic. Many aspects of this fascinating


This two hour workshop will explain the various steps of starting and growing a successful apparel business. Topics will include: Identifying a market niche, Legal issues of setting up your business, Financial planning, Finding the Funding, Sourcing from development through to production, Marketing, Online Selling. This will be moderated by Fr


Learn how to provisional cast on the garter tab start. Ever thought you’d like to learn lace knitting but were hesitant about working with skinny yarn and tiny needles? Well, the Pembroke is the wrap for you! Working from the center top down, you’ll learn a provisional cast on and garter tab start. Then the shaping is created using yarn overs a


Learn to pick up stitches along an edge and execute a three-needle bind-off. The colors in this delightful scarf will brighten up any foggy morning! And the best part is that there are almost no ends to weave in. The color blocks and stripes are each made with techniques that either weave in as you go or carry the unused colors up the side. Fear st

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