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Students will work on developing their conversational and writing skills. They learn to both read and write Chinese characters. Cultural activities are also taught. Each student receives a workbook with CD and a writing booklet.


Our Creative Ballet program gives children (ages 8 - 10) the opportunity to explore dance as a means to self-awareness, creative expression, imagination, teamwork.


This course, a continuation of the previous two Fingerstyle Guitar courses, will present the student with challenging arrangements from some of the best players in the genre.


This is an introduction to playing Country Blues guitar where students will learn how to pick basic tunes in various keys and styles.


This course, recommended for anyone who has completed at least level 1, will introduce students to the most common open tunings of G and D.


Students be able to learn how to design characters.


Taught in Russian, this class helps each child explore the world in his or her own way, while learning about our heritage and culture.


Students will have a chance to perform like a star.


Students be able to learn how to design characters.


In this hands-on class, you’re going to learn how to cook over an open fire. But what you’ll really learn are the primal cooking skills that will make you a better cook in your daily life.


Learn the basics of knitting and in no time you’ll be making scarves, hats, socks and sweaters.


From ballet to ballroom, younger dancers learn to follow basic choreography while developing rhythm, balance and coordination.


Teens will learn to create a sculpture with the use of a variety of mediums.


Students will enjoy learning different games that could enhance their brain.


Our curriculum has connections to beautiful Jewish texts, stories, and concepts, and teaches children to think deeply, flexibly, and imaginatively.

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