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This class will begin with a quick overview of the different possibilities and limitations with digital modeling software. The class will then dive into fundamental techniques to draw and model basic forms that can then be used in visualizations and/or fabrication.


In this weekend intensive, students will learn the fundamental digital skills one needs in order to create fabric designs and repeat patterns. Students will learn how to create a balanced, seamless repeat pattern, use layers and spot channels for color separation, and print their designs using an online printing site.Note: Students should bri

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This workshop is perfect if you're looking to learn or advance your jewelry soldering skills. We'll cut jump rings, learn to solder close-together seams, and finish the bracelet with a handmade clasp. You'll leave the class with a finished silver bracelet. Jump rings are a basic component of almost all jewelry and chain making is a fun exercise to


Students will learn the essential skills of sewing: to use a sewing machine, basic pattern reading and sewing construction while creating a simple, A-Line tank top designed by Jenny Gordy of Wiksten. Optional project is a fully-lined bag. We will begin by using muslin for this class, (which we provide) and will move toward a finished garment in f


In this class, students will learn the basics of making a flat pattern for knitting from the amazing knitwear designer Lindsay Degen. This Pattern Drafting class was thought for the hand and machine knitter alike.The class will explore how to translate the pattern into knitting instructions, and also the math associated with designing and shaping a


Have you ever wanted to work with leather but aren't sure how to start? In this 4 week class, students will learn the basics of leather working, hand stitching, and cutting while designing and producing a leather work of their own creation. Students will be instructed on various decorative techniques as well as rivets and snaps. You will walk away


In this class for all levels, learn creative sewing techniques to re-claim your clothing and turn them into something new and fabulous. You can make mittens out of a shrunken sweater, a tote bag from an old t-shirt, alter a long dress into a cute mini dress and more! Can’t bear to donate a dress because you love the color? Drawn to the pattern o


In this 12 hour class, students will learn the basics of felting. Focusing on the wet felting technique, students will explore making their own textiles with various fleeces (wool, alpaca, etc.).STATE Designer Adrienne Antonson uses her experience of living and working on an alpaca farm in the NW to explain the basics of fiber structure, processin


Through this nine-week course students will take full advantage of working in the same space as our residents, and will draw inspiration from the six artists and designer’s evolving work. This class will include artist talks, as well as the opportunity to develop critical dialogue, and build an extensive repertoire of textile processes through ex


Students will learn the basics of surface design through printing and dyeing. The class will incorporate drawing and design done 100% by the kids! Students will learn to print using stencils, relief (block printing), and photo emulsion processes, as well as about resist and immersion dyeing with both natural and synthetic dyes. With their printed a


Students explore the wonderful world of fiber, turning un-spun wool into bright and fun textile projects. It’s easy and the possibilities are endless. During the school year, we offer educational and fun after-school classes for youth ages 6 - 11 in several topics. Students can chose to study Weaving, Printing + Dyeing, Felting, or Sewing + Fashi


Sewing is one of the most practical skills a kid could learn! We introduce students to hand-sewing and sewing pattern reading, while graduating them up to the use of a sewing machine. The class will focus on garment construction, teaching kids the basics of using a pattern, as well as altering clothing. (Most appropriate for kids 7 and up) The Tex


Students will be taught a variety of of weaving techniques, each week dedicated to a different type of loom: they will weave on inkle looms, rigid heddle looms, and table looms. The students will make small swatches, focusing on understanding the tools, creating color combinations of their own design, learning to read patterns and also thinking ab


Sometimes during the school year we have an additional class option for kids during school breaks. During these classes students will explore subjects such as weaving, sewing, embroidery, screen printing, felting and dyeing. Upcoming Mini Camps: Winter Recess - February 17 - 21, 2014Spring Recess - April 14 - 18, 2014Drop off: 9AMPic


In this class you will learn to drape your own clothing - specifically the dress form, working to make a basic draped blouse or skirt. Do you already know the very basics of sewing on a machine and how to work from a pattern? It might be time to advance your skills by learning to drape your own clothing, from which you can create a pattern. This cl

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