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In this class we will refine and polish your italic hand and begin to write smaller, in color and with more rhythm and fluidity. Not for the absolute beginner, students need to come with at least a basic understanding of how to handle the broad-edged pen and simple classical italic form. Exercises and projects such as poetry broadsides, greeting ca

Th.   Oct 2nd - Dec 11th, 6:30pm

Learn the fundamentals of using the pointed pen for writing copperplate calligraphy. This beautiful style, used in the Declaration of Independence, is now used for weddings, logos, and White House Invitations. Beginners will learn the basic letter shapes and fundamentals of spacing. Those who have previously learned Copperplate will refine their le

Sa.Su.   Nov 1st - Nov 2nd, 10am
All levels
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You will learn the basics of contemporary calligraphy from A to Z. Using a pointed pen and nib dipped into ink, the course covers letterform anatomy, writing techniques, and practical applications.  When was the last time you wrote a letter using a wooden pen dipped into ink? Learn to write heartfelt notes with something other than your two th

Sa.   Oct 11th, 1pm

You see elements of embroidery, miniature painting, and calligraphy everywhere these days from The Metropolitan Museum of Art to Etsy. Did you know all of these mediums were born in India and China? Even art enthusiasts lack an understanding of these two important civilizations. Discover the treasures of Indian and Chinese art, as well as the histo

Th.   Nov 20th, 7pm
All levels

Learn the basics of cartooning. Develop your personal style while exploring a variety of forms from single gags to longer comic strips to storyboarding your graphic novel. No drawing experience necessary. Bring the following supplies for the first class. Additional supplies will be discussed in class.SketchbookPlastic white eraser (Staedtler)Pencil

M.   Sep 29th - Nov 3rd, 7pm
Monday September 29 7pm - 9pm 6 Sessions $185
Monday November 10 7pm - 9pm 6 Sessions $185
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Try your hand at creating works of art in the galleries. Focus on a different art form each session with family-friendly activities led by an artist.  Experience art making up close as you watch artists create in real time and engage in an informal conversation about artistic processes.Note: This workshop meets at Gallery 217 (The Astor Court)


This playful alphabet has fun written all over it! This charming, casual script gives a fresh, modern twist to the traditional alphabet. In this one-day workshop, you'll first learn some of the tools of calligraphy and how to use them. Then you'll learn a series of simple strokes that form this whimsical yet elegant alphabet; first lower case lette

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