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Bread Classes Coming up in New York

In this three-hour class, your seasoned instructor will show you one basic dough and how it can be made into many delicious products, including baguettes, soft, buttery rolls, fruit and nut loaves, and pizza.

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Th.   Apr 24th, 5:30pm
All levels

In this three-hour hands-on class, students will understand the use of yeasted starters in bread-making and further explore the wonderful art and science of fermentation.

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Sa.   Apr 26th, 3:30pm

Instructor Naomi Ross of Jewish Cooking Concepts has developed outstanding recipes to satisfy the cravings of her own gluten free child. She will discuss how to use gluten free products and teach how to make challah and other gluten free bread, pie dough, sugar cookies and more. 100% gluten free, 100% delicious.


Students will learn how to bake fresh out of the oven: whole grain brioche, pumpernickel, and a cinnamon-raisin whole wheat bread.


Lynn Kutner teaches how to bake healthy but delicious in this one of a kind workshop. She will show you how use heart-healthy oils instead of solid fats and how to use specialty ingredients like flaxmeal and bran to boost the fiber and nutritional content of your baked goods.


Learn all the what’s, how’s and why's you always wanted to know about making challahs while they investigate the spiritual significance of their most important bread.


The students will participate in every aspect of this artisanal process including developing the starters, mixing, kneading, rising, glazing, and baking.


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Students will match handmade breads with our favorite cheeses, plucked from our caves at peak ripeness.


In this three-hour hands-on class, students will learn the surprisingly simple techniques for producing enticing loaves of brioche and challah from a baking master.


In this class, Elizabeth will teach the Basics of Gluten-Free Bread Baking and demonstrate how to make several different types of gluten free bread. Perhaps most importantly, she will be there to answer your questions and address your gluten free frustrations


This class is for young and old alike. We’ll provide the house and all the fun decorations you’ll need to create a winter wonderland fit for a prince or princess. One house per person. Hot chocolate included.


Learn how to make new, interesting types of latkes and homemade apple sauce. Also learn to make a yeast risen dough and the lightest, fluffiest, most scrumptious sufganiyot you can imagine.


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In this hour and a half class, one of our master bakers will teach you to create, shape and bake a variety of chocolate goods. From cookies to bread to crackers - yes, crackers - come explore our favorite recipes that pair perfectly with fruits, cheeses and wines to share with family and friends.


Students attending this class will learn how to create hot bowls of soothing soups satisfying their wintertime pangs.

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