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Bookbinding Classes Coming up in New York

The focus of this class will be on the building blocks of bookbinding. Students will learn basic book terminology, tearing sheets to size, folding & piercing folios, and the pamphlet stitch - a simple but elegant way to bind single-section books, with a lot of room for elaboration and variation.

+230 pts
Th.   Apr 17th, 8:30pm
All levels

Explore the basics in this course that looks at bookbinding as a fluid and expressive art form - and one that dovetails with fiber arts!

+3000 pts
Su.   May 11th - Jun 8th, 11am
All levels

Learn how to make a sketchbook that will fold completely flat when open for easy sketching.

+750 pts
Su.   May 25th, 12pm
All levels

Learn adhesive applications, archival materials and professional techniques to complete 3 finished books during this fun weekend.


Learn to sew a blank book by-hand, of multiple pages, with decorative endsheets. Then case in your pages, for a hard cover binding with lovely book cloth. This is a perfect book for journal writings, drawings and collage.


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Create a fabulous book using absolutely no adhesives. Perfect for artists' books, as the pages lie perfectly flat, and you do not lose any image or text.


Make four different bookbinding structures that combine text and images to effectively communicate ideas, emotions and stories in the form of an artist's book.


Familiarize yourself with the structure of the book while learning bookbinding & restoration, proper use of tools, materials and adhesives.


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In this class students create a variety of traditional books, so that they can both make books in class and use these skills to improvise and create unique books on their own.


Create and design your image, transfer the image, plan the printing sequence, carve a soft block, and print it by hand with a brayer and waterbased inks.


Learn all phases of creating & printing an image which are designing, planning, & transferring the image, cutting the blocks, mixing colored inks, and operating a press.


Learn how to make a sketchbook that will fold completely flat when open for easy sketching.


Students will learn the basics of hand-made book production and practice several simple binding techniques that can be done at home.


In this class, students will learn the basics of paper making and basic book binding skills.


Learn 4 variations on longstich binding. Students will focus on historic, non-adhesive book structures, based on coptic methods.

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