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Students will make several structures, including a pamphlet, a flat and a rounded case bound multi-section book, and a photo album. This introductory course will familiarize students with the basic materials (paper, cloth, board, and adhesives), techniques (folding, sewing, gluing), and history of bookbinding. Students will make several structu

M.T.W.Th.F.   Nov 10th - Nov 14th, 10am
Monday November 10 10am - 4pm 5 Sessions $625
Tuesday October 14 6pm - 9pm 10 Sessions $625
Other Dates (2)

Esther K. Smith, author of How to Make Books and half of the renowned Purgatory Pie Press, teaches bookbinding for artists and printmakers.Explore simple bookbinding from Eastern and early Western traditions. Make ten or more books from start to finish. Make individual and collaborative books, unique books and small editions. Book structures includ

T.   Oct 14th - Nov 18th, 6:30pm
All levels
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Learn to make books for fun or profit—can be a new hobby--great for gifts, cards, etc.—or contribute to your profession—portfolios, promo pieces, artist books. Explore simple bookbinding from Eastern and early Western traditions. Make ten books from start to finish. Make individual and collaborative books, u

W.   Oct 29th - Dec 10th, 6pm
All levels

Highlighting the many luminaries who have taught at the Center over its forty years, we're excited to announce this special series of Anniversary Workshops.Starting with the idea of an architectural monument, join Kumi Korf for an investigation of sculptural book structures. She will introduce you to five different structures, all of them used as a

Sa.Su.   Oct 18th - Oct 19th, 10am
All levels

Kids and parents learn printmaking together at this series of three Brooklyn Arts Council-funded workshops at Shoestring Press. Families are encouraged to sign up for the whole series of three, or just drop in for one class at a time. Sessions are two hours long and run from 1pm to 3pm on each Sunday date. Sunday, September 28, Bookbindin

Su.   Oct 5th, 1pm
Sunday October 5 1pm - 3pm 1 Session $15
Sunday October 12 1pm - 3pm 1 Session $15
Other Dates (2)

In this weekend workshop participants will learn to create prints/cards/ephemera from photo polymer plates using the platen press. In this weekend workshop participants will create prints/cards/ephemera from photo polymer plates using the platen press. The focus of the course will be the fundamentals of printing on the platen presses. Students sho

Sa.Su.   Dec 6th - Dec 14th, 10am
All levels

You will develop your own small composition, such as greeting, business or postcards and, time allowing, complete a second project. In this course you will learn the basics of hand typesetting and letterpress printing. We will cover the essentials of good presswork, including inking, imposition and impression and move on to discuss typefaces, pape

W.   Oct 29th - Dec 17th, 6pm

You will learn to operate the Center's motorized guillotine paper cutter, which makes it easy to cut large stacks of paper and to trim the edges of books. You will also learn how to care for our Vandercook proof presses. Get trained to use both the guillotine and the printshop in one three hour workshop. You will learn to operate the Center's motor

M.   Nov 17th, 6pm
All levels
Monday November 17 6pm - 9pm 1 Session $95
Monday December 8 6pm - 9pm 1 Session $95
Other Dates (2)

Highlighting the many luminaries who have taught at the Center over its forty years, we're excited to announce this special series of Anniversary Workshops.What could possibly go wrong in a bookbinding project? Everything! We know, we've been making books for over 60 (combined) years. We'll present to you our failures; our successes; our good ideas

Sa.Su.   Nov 8th - Nov 9th, 10am
All levels

Learn adhesive applications, archival materials and professional techniques to complete 3 finished books during this fun weekend. Gain all the basic skills of binding in this fun weekend. You will complete 3 finished books to use as journals or drawing books including an accordion fold structure with hard covers, an Asian binding, and an album with


Learn to sew a blank book by-hand, of multiple pages, with decorative endsheets. Then case in your pages, for a hard cover binding with lovely book cloth. This is a perfect book for journal writings, drawings and collage. Learn to sew a blank book of multiple signatures in this classic, versatile codex binding. This is a great workshop for the be


Artist Scott Teplin will teach a four-session course on how to bind an very durable, archival book that lies flat for scanning, copying or just comfortably working in. Teplin's method combines case binding and tape-stitch binding which he has perfected over the last 15 years. Teplin developed this particular method of binding from trial and error -


Students will gain a confidence that they can repeat the steps on their own, to later teach to their students. Experiment with some simple bookmaking projects that can be combined to use in the classroom. In the process you'll gain ideas and methods that you can experiment with, and think about everyday materials in a different way. This class is o


This course provides a grand overview of four bookbinding techniques (the 1-page book, the accordion style book, traditional Japanese bookbinding and hardcover bookbinding) and an introduction to book layout techniques. After participating in the hands-on demos, students will create on blank book of each style to use as a journal, sketchbook or giv


Learn how to make your own Coptic bound sketchbook/notebook from start to finish. Coptic binding is an ancient binding structure with two hard covers and an open spine chain-linked with thread. The open spine allows the book to lay flat when opened, making it ideal for writing or drawing in, not to mention making it look gorgeous!


In this workshop book artist Natalie Stopka, will teach you the basic s of bookbinding terms, tools, and skills as they create a leather bound book. The perfect gift. Useful as a journal or sketchbook, each student will be able to personalize their book with color choices and embroidered details. Bring along a button or found object to use as a cla


Explore the basics in this course that looks at bookbinding as a fluid and expressive art form - and one that dovetails with fiber arts! Students will learn the fundamental vocabulary and tools of bookbinding as we create 5 non-adhesive books.Using paper as a fiber, each book model will explore the opportunities for fiber and book arts to connect t


Participants will create three blank books bound in the longstitch style, an exposed sewing in which stitches are shown on the book's spine. This sturdy structure travels well and makes an excellent sketchbook or journal. We will make a smallish book with a leather cover, paste paper end sheets, and a stiff spine; another with laminated paper case


Familiarize yourself with the structure of the book while learning bookbinding & restoration, proper use of tools, materials and adhesives. Focus on traditional restoration techniques as you learn paper repairs using Japanese tissue, spine and hinge repairs, re-sewing loose sections, and cloth re-backing. Mend your own broken cloth binding books;


In this class students create a variety of traditional books, so that they can both make books in class and use these skills to improvise and create unique books on their own. Over the 4 week course, students will learn all the skills needed to create accordion, Japanese bound, and case bound (traditional hardback) books. Students will cut board an

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