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Beef Classes Coming up in New York

Of all the steakhouses found throughout the United States, a rare few have become famous for dishes that are instantly recognizable as theirs. From sides to the meat itself to decadent desserts, these signature dishes are why we visit those steakhouses and no other.

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F.   Apr 25th, 6pm
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Learn the secrets to a truly great, homemade steak dinner.


Our chef will teach you exciting new approaches to preparing that same chicken breast, that same roast, that same filet of fish.


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Learn how to make flavorful beef, chicken, and shellfish stocks from scratch, for cooking and as the basis of three terrific meals.


Chef Wiseman, Dean of Students at CKCA will discuss where the cut originates from—the “primal cut” on the animal and demonstrate how it’s butchered in to the more familiar portion cut.


Students will learn how to become a skilled butcher and cook!


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In this class we will learn how to source, butcher, flavor, and cook sweetbreads, veal and chicken livers, beef heart, and bone marrow.


New York City has some of the most famous steakhouses in the country. These classic establishments are known for hefty portions, distinctive atmospheres, and a trademark cuisine that has been pleasing diners for decades. Spend an evening learning the techniques and recipes you need to replicate your favorite steakhouse experience at home.


This class will teach the secrets to a truly great, homemade steak dinner.


As a natural extension of its expansive pastures, renowned ranches, and roaming cattle, Texas has a long-standing steakhouse tradition. There, juicy steaks are often served with a hot and rich chile sauce, which mashed potatoes or corn bread greedily soap up.


Bold, natural flavors dominate the steak tradition of Italy, and you’ll learn to prepare two versions---Florentina and Pizzaiola.


By popular request, ICE has developed this series of classes for those of you who want to learn to prepare a full menu in one evening. Inspired by some of our most popular classes, each team of two will prepare its own appetizer, main course, two side dishes and dessert. You will then sit down to eat as a group. If you cook for yourself, or for two, these menus are id


Steakhouses are a luxurious tradition in Japan, producing a cooking style that combines both classical cuisine and influences from the West. Join Chef-Instructor Ted Siegel, known for his innovative use of ingredients and flavors, for a class that gets its inspiration from this fascinating dining experience.


Students attending this class will master the arts of roasting, sauteing, and grilling your way to a carnivorous meal complete with sensational side dishes.

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