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Basic Cooking Classes Coming up in New York

Learn strategies for successful, creative, and improvisational meals, meals that are efficient, healthy, and cost-conscious, but that are first and foremost a pleasure to cook, and delicious for all to eat. The cost includes a greenmarket lunch, an array of tastings, a 50-page workbook, and a bag of sample provisions to take home. Also, all Workshop participants qual

+5500 pts
Sa.   Apr 26th, 12pm
All levels
Saturday April 26 12pm - 5pm 1 Session $550
Saturday April 26 12pm - 5pm 1 Session $325
Sunday May 18 12pm - 5pm 1 Session $550
Sunday May 18 12pm - 5pm 1 Session $325
Other Dates (4)

Learn some of the same basic culinary fundamental skills taught to chefs in the finest cooking schools.

+4500 pts
T.   Apr 29th - May 27th, 7pm
All levels
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In this class, we will teach you how to chop, dice, and mince vegetables.

+750 pts
Th.   May 1st, 7pm
All levels

Students in this course will learn fundamental cooking techniques, mastering both knife skills and multiple meat, grain, and vegetable preparations.

+1000 pts
Su.   May 4th, 11am
Sunday May 4 11am - 1:30pm 1 Session $100
Sunday May 25 12pm - 2:30pm 1 Session $100
Other Dates (2)

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We'll cover all the basic skills you need to get you started feeling comfortable and creative in the kitchen.

+3950 pts
T.   May 6th - May 27th, 6pm
All levels

These are the classes on which our recreational program’s reputation was built. Over 15,000 students have taken this series. Once you master essential cooking techniques, you possess the culinary grounding to cook both classical cuisines and the latest cooking styles.

+6050 pts
M.T.W.Th.F.   May 19th - May 23rd, 10am
All levels

Whether you’re learning to cook or learning to cook really well, this 3-class series will give you all the confidence you need to relax and really enjoy cooking. Each week focuses on one basic cooking technique: sautéing, roasting, and grilling. We’ll make sauces, practice knife skills, and arm you with lots of other basics.

+3500 pts
T.   May 27th - Jun 10th, 6:30pm
All levels

Adapt smart systems and techniques from the professional kitchen to the home. The very methods which allow a few cooks in a tight kitchen to feed a crowd of patrons beautiful meals all night scale down to a strategy enabling home cooks to make more healthful, varied, efficient, impromptu, and economical meals for themselves at home. The cost includes a greenmarket lu

+5500 pts
Sa.   Jun 7th, 12pm
All levels
Saturday June 7 12pm - 5pm 1 Session $550
Saturday June 7 12pm - 5pm 1 Session $325
Other Dates (2)

Explore the vast variety of health-supportive foods including whole grains, beans, sea vegetables, condiments, oils and natural sweeteners; why we use them and how to gradually stock your pantry with these high-quality staples.

+1700 pts
Sa.   Jun 28th, 10am
Saturday June 28 10am - 5pm 1 Session $170
Tuesday August 5 6:30pm - 9:30pm 2 Sessions $170
Other Dates (2)

Hooray for Spring! This class will help you figure out what to do with all your loot from the weekend farmers markets.


Streamline production and organize physical space; put an otherwise labor-intensive meal together in minutes; cook with a focus on ingredients, instead of by menu or recipe; accommodate various eating references; customize and build a professional pantry; create dishes by impulse and inspiration, rather than by rote; employ efficient technique, rather than rely on


At Purple Kale Kitchenworks, we do not advocate cooking different meals for kids than adults, no matter the age. Using the modular “2 minutes” approach, we discuss the option of custom-crafting individual meals, but we teach how to make food that is, first and foremost, a pleasure to eat. In the Workshop, we talk some about picky eaters and a great deal about tim


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Do you dream of cooking like a professional and preparing culinary creations like you see on TV? In this class you’ll feel like you’re in culinary school as you learn sophisticated knife skills and essential cooking techniques, from braising to glazing. By the end of the course, you’ll have a firm grasp of ingredients, equipment and how to cook intuitively.


This course will teach what you can do with all your farmers' market loot.


Students will learn to make some of the most delicious two-bite morsels to satisfy them this holiday season and beyond.

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