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This fine art framing demonstration and workshop with introduce the essential tools, materials and techniques of museum quality fine art framing.

+600 pts
T.   Apr 29th, 7pm

Tour businesses that feature breathtaking fabrication at wholesale prices and learn the how-to’s of using jobbers correctly.

+950 pts
Sa.   May 3rd, 10am
All levels

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Students learn an in-depth presentation on the fine-art market today-nonprofit spaces, the for-profit world, and how to deal with galleries, art fairs, and auctions.

+4350 pts
Sa.Su.   May 3rd - May 4th, 10am
All levels

This workshop’s purpose it to teach you how and where to look for good shows and what opportunities you are missing, and how to take advantage of them.


You have an idea, everyone loves what? Whether you have a concept or actual samples, taking the time to hone your product before it goes to market is crucial for sales and saving you money. This class is hands on, with a teacher providing a third party assessment of your product, asking the questions we neglect to ask in out excitement to launch, and feedback


Manufacturing/Production: Am I making 10 of these or 1000? Is it overseas or down the street? Manufacturing can be a daunting process and one of the most expensive. It is the first step you will take in determining the price of your goods. We will discuss the options of both overseas and local production, streamlining production in order to cut costs, outsourcing a sm


What makes a product stand out on the shelves of a retailer? How do you get your product to take up the coveted real estate of trendy boutiques? Why does one candle sell out for $40, and the one next to it sit still for $20? The answer is often in the packaging. Bring your sketches, packages, ideas to this class as we discuss doing it yourself, hiring a designer, sour


Learn how to sell your products, develop a linesheet, determine minimums, order forms, terms, lead times, and shipping for both wholesale and retail markets. This class is extra beneficial when taken with Pricing. Karen Young is founder and designer of Hammocks & High Tea, an eco friendly home decor brand that fuses traditional Caribbean style with a modern aesthetic.


Use this class to build your skills in one of the most difficult aspects of life as a creative professional: the professional part. By approaching marketing from four angles – business planning, creating a niche, portfolio development, and presenting yourself – you will learn how to market and present your work more effectively and with more confidence.


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PR gets a rep as one of the most difficult aspects of running a small business. Doing it yourself takes a lot of time and know-how, but is certainly feasible. Having a PR firm dedicated to building your brand visibility can increase your sales and skyrocket your brand awareness. So which route should you take, how much does it cost, and what do you need to know if you


How many sample sets do I need? What is the commission structure? Whats the difference between a sales rep and a showroom? How much do tradeshows cost? The list of questions feels endless when you start the task of selling your products to the trade, but learning the ins and outs can lead to a major step up in expanding your business. This class is extra beneficial wh


Congrats! Production is ramping up, buyers have seen you in major magazines and production is ramping up! The growth of a business that is by no means small in your eyes, but definitely small in the eyes of a traditional bank, can be quite a dilemma. Learn about other lending options tailored to small businesses, and what you need to secure a small business loan.


In this one-day workshop, learn the ins and outs of creating your own business.


Join the well-known ceramic designers KleinReid and potter Ayumi Horie for a collaborative two-day workshop addressing the marketing and selling of handmade ceramics.


This course will teach students how to easily distinguish between the various types of printmaking processes, as well as provide a foundation in developing a discerning eye for high quality prints.

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