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The distinctive features that make the sitter unique will be made apparent through the use of a custom-designed grid and other easy-to-use tools. Various keys to reproducing accurate proportions of the head will be presented to help the student gain insight into how to portray a likeness. The workshop includes demos, handouts and personalized criti

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M.T.W.Th.F.   Aug 11th - Aug 15th, 6pm
All levels

This workshop is for students with some drawing experience (at least one 5 session class recommended), who wish to have continued guidance in the art of figure drawing and painting. We will be focusing more on anatomy, gesture, tone, line and critique then on specific application of medium and technique.Materials to bring:Students should bring thei

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T.   Aug 26th, 6:30pm
All levels

This six week workshop will focus on developing a finished drawing through longer, sustained poses. We'll work with sighting and measuring, proportions, foreshortening and draping. Emphasis will be placed on developing a composition and creating a tonal structure that gives the drawings mood and personality. We will experiment with surfaces and med

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T.   Sep 2nd - Oct 7th, 7pm
All levels
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As a continuation of Level One, this short course will have a stronger focus on self-sustained narrative and visual techniques. We'll focus on character building, memory and autobiography as tools towards writing longer, stronger graphic narratives.A highlight of topics covered over the four weeks: foreshortened space and anatomy, environment and

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T.   Aug 5th - Aug 26th, 6:30pm

Learn about the structures that build the human form to give your drawings a real sense of life. Understand the human form thoroughly through images and live models. Supply List: Click here to view list.


This class focuses on developing the student’s understanding of the structural and anatomical components of the human figure. For the first half of each class the instructor gives a lecture and demonstration, drawing specific areas of the body’s anatomy in detail. Emphasis is placed on fostering an organized, three-dimensional concept of t


The aim of this workshop is to gain a greater awareness of the structures and movements of the hands and feet. The hands and feet initiate and complete the body's response to intended action. Furthermore, hands and feet should not be neglected as carriers of emotion over the overt visual cues of the face: they contain expressive power in spite of w


This workshop focuses on the methods and tools needed to draw a portrait with accuracy and feeling. Students learn to capture the likeness and unique personality of the sitter by carefully observing the subtleties of the human face. Composition, perspective, proportions and the effects of light and dark will be explored. Emphasis will be placed on


Explore the human form through drawing. Through daily talks and demonstrations, you’ll learn anatomy, form, concepts, proportion, structure, composition and design. Work from the model to build a basic foundation in figurative drawing that will give you the tools necessary for exploring personal expression.


This class will teach the skills necessary to approach figure drawing. Students will learn basic shading techniques, expression of line, building solid planes, portrait construction, and a variety of other topics, through lectures and examples. Working with a life model, poses will range from quick gesture poses to longer poses. Anatomy will be ta


Students will be guided to a complete understanding of anatomy, color harmony, and unity of light through a traditional process that leads the student from a quick sketch to a finished painting. Advance your skills in drawing and painting through a complete understanding of anatomy, color harmony, and unity of light. By working daily with a live m


Each student will be guided through the steps of creating a portrait by means of drawing, creating a transfer, and finally paint application. This is a study in classical portraiture that focuses on facial anatomy and capturing a person’s individual likeness. By way of this classical approach, you will gain the knowledge and ability to complete


This class is designed to strengthen the students' observation skills that will ultimately aid them in painting. Drawing correctly from nature is a basic skill and the foundation to good painting. Students will focus on completing a series of one- and two-night poses, with the occasional study in gesture drawing. This will keep the students' eyes


In this class, students will be able to learn useful techniques and practice their skills in drawing. Ever wonder how those beautiful Michelangelo sketches are made? It's not genius or talent, but can be broken down into clear technique and skills. Pick out your favorite Michelangelo (or Leonardo if you prefer the anatomy) sketch and we can reprodu


Come and enjoy the beautiful light of early summer along the Hudson River and by the lakes of Central Park. The first day will comprise an indoor demonstration in Studio 6, followed by 4 days of on-site outdoor drawing and watercolor painting. Ample tables and benches, as well as access to water fountains, bathrooms and refreshments, make this a co


Gain the tools needed to draw the human figure and place it in a composition. Students will work from a live model each session, beginning with basic gestural poses and progressing to more complex poses. In addition to working with composition, further topics for discussion include the anatomy of the body, expressive line quality, successful shadi


The head and face are critical to communicating the human condition in art - from emotion to gesture to creating a likeness. Using a different model each class, students study facial proportions and anatomy, identify distinctive individual characteristics and tackle the problems of seeing accurately and depicting each feature of the face. Through


In this class, students will use figure drawing as a focus for artistic development and technical mastery of the drawing medium. Through their study of the model, students will learn the essential artistic skill of relating parts to a whole in order to capture the unique individuality of the model and create a satisfying composition. The class wil


This introductory class uses principles of natural science illustration to aid you in making accurate and lively paintings of birds. Work with specimens to develop observational skills, an eye for detail and proportion, and a basic knowledge of avian anatomy. Learn the brush techniques necessary to capture the luminous color of feathers, plumage pa


This course highlights watercolor as a medium for representational painting of animals. Not only are animals beautiful, they also provide relatable similarities to the human anatomy. That said animals vary greatly from humans and one another through their varying skins, fur, scales, shells, and feathers. These textures provide an unlimited color pa

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