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Anatomy Drawing Classes Coming up in New York

Learn the basic steps of drawing and sketching the body in both genders. Hard points are studied along with head renderings and constructive format for poses. Small and large displays will be rendered using graphite, pencil, conte, pens and ink.

W.   Oct 8th - Nov 12th, 7pm

In this course we will be looking at the masses that make up the head, neck and features, in order to portray the head properly from any angle. And to make sense of all those funny lines that appear on the far side of the face.Note: Supply list will be provided upon request.

M.T.W.   Nov 3rd - Nov 5th, 6pm
All levels
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Using the Metropolitan Museum’s drawing collection as inspiration, we will be working two days from the model in Studio 6 and one day drawing from selected artwork (Degas, Ingres, Cezanne, Boucher, Watteau) in the Drawing Study Room of the Metropolitan Museum of Art. The workshop is open to all levels and beginners are welcome.  In the studi

W.Th.F.   Oct 15th - Oct 17th, 1:30pm
All levels

This collaborative workshop is designed to provide a greater understanding of the visual and structural elements that compose the human portrait. Through a strategic approach to perceiving and translating visual phenomena, we can begin to create a blueprint for how we organize disparate visual elements to form a unified and holistic portrait. 

M.T.W.Th.F.   Sep 22nd - Sep 26th, 9am
All levels

Working from the life model, participants will explore the craft of representational figure drawing and will learn techniques by which to develop solid, naturalistic figure drawings. Through demonstrations and hands-on practice we will consider an approach aimed at increasing skills of perceptual observation and manual application while suggesting

M.T.W.Th.F.   Oct 6th - Oct 10th, 9am
All levels

In this workshop, students will draw the life-size figure on six-foot lengths of paper. Attention will be devoted to quality of line, observation of the rhythms of the standing figure, proportion, and modeling of sculptural forms through value. Topics of discussion and demonstration will include the initial blocking-in of the drawing, use of lines

M.T.   Oct 13th - Oct 14th, 1:30pm
All levels

Acquire the tools to draw the human figure and place it successfully in a composition, including expressive line quality, successful shading, and overlapping of form to create three-dimensionality. You’ll work from a live model each session, starting with gesture poses and working systematically to longer poses as the class progresses. The anatom

M.   Nov 3rd - Jan 12th, 4pm
All levels

Working from the life model, this one week class will offer the student the chance to develop a single portrait painting in oil. The instructor will outline an 'Indirect Painting' method, describing a clear progression from drawing in pencil on paper through to the execution of the final pass of "form painting".Through demonstrations and hands

M.T.W.Th.F.   Oct 6th - Oct 10th, 1:30pm
All levels

The head and face are critical to communicating the human condition in art--from emotion to gesture to creating a likeness. Using a different model each class, students study facial proportions and anatomy, identify distinctive individual characteristics and tackle the problems of seeing accurately and depicting each feature of the face. Through ex

Sa.   Oct 4th - Dec 13th, 2pm
All levels

This collaborative workshop is designed to provide a greater understanding of the visual and structural elements that compose the human portrait. Through a strategic approach to perceiving and translating visual phenomena, we can begin to create a blueprint for how we organize disparate visual elements to form a unified and holistic portrait. The c

M.T.W.Th.F.   Sep 22nd - Sep 26th, 1:30pm
All levels

This class gives students an in-depth look at the forms and structures of the body as well as methods of using anatomical information to create beautiful and accurate figure drawings from observation and imagination. Topics are introduced in a lecture each week and investigated through drawing from the skeleton, casts, and the live model. First qu

Th.F.   Nov 6th - Jan 16th, 1pm
All levels

Learn the fundamentals of cartooning and comic book art illustrations the way the professionals do it. Emphasis on anatomy setup, character profile, and design. Pencil, inks, and color techniques are applied. Students can pick any comic genre they wish.

T.   Oct 7th - Nov 11th, 4pm
All levels

Learn about the structures that build the human form to give your drawings a real sense of life. Understand the human form thoroughly through images and live models. Supply List: Click here to view list.


This class focuses on developing the student’s understanding of the structural and anatomical components of the human figure. For the first half of each class the instructor gives a lecture and demonstration, drawing specific areas of the body’s anatomy in detail. Emphasis is placed on fostering an organized, three-dimensional concept of t


The aim of this workshop is to gain a greater awareness of the structures and movements of the hands and feet. The hands and feet initiate and complete the body's response to intended action. Furthermore, hands and feet should not be neglected as carriers of emotion over the overt visual cues of the face: they contain expressive power in spite of w


This workshop focuses on the methods and tools needed to draw a portrait with accuracy and feeling. Students learn to capture the likeness and unique personality of the sitter by carefully observing the subtleties of the human face. Composition, perspective, proportions and the effects of light and dark will be explored. Emphasis will be placed on


The distinctive features that make the sitter unique will be made apparent through the use of a custom-designed grid and other easy-to-use tools. Various keys to reproducing accurate proportions of the head will be presented to help the student gain insight into how to portray a likeness. The workshop includes demos, handouts and personalized criti


Ever wonder how those beautiful Michelangelo sketches are made? It's not genius or talent, but specific techniques and skills. We'll start with some simple warm ups to get that hand-eye coordination flowing and then delve closely into human anatomy to work towards a very realistic figure.We'll be drawing from Michelangelo's beautiful sketches and t


Explore the human form through drawing. Through daily talks and demonstrations, you’ll learn anatomy, form, concepts, proportion, structure, composition and design. Work from the model to build a basic foundation in figurative drawing that will give you the tools necessary for exploring personal expression.


This class will teach the skills necessary to approach figure drawing. Students will learn basic shading techniques, expression of line, building solid planes, portrait construction, and a variety of other topics, through lectures and examples. Working with a life model, poses will range from quick gesture poses to longer poses. Anatomy will be ta

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